Follow the misadventures of two hitmen as they recover their boss' secret briefcase from some punks in a business deal gone bad, track down the boxer who fixed a big money fight, take the boss' wife out on a date that will not be soon forgotten, and almost become victims themselves of a holdup while having breakfast at the local coffee shop.

See how The Movie Show took to Tarantino, in this trip down memory lane.

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"Pacey, punchy and at times hilarious. It's quite a movie" - David Stratton 5/5

"I was looking forward to this like you wouldn't believe ... but it all goes on for so long and it's not terribly witty." - Margaret pomeranz 3/5


Interviews: Pulp Fiction at Cannes 1994

Watch interviews with Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta 


SBS VICELAND: Tarantino Movie Season
The cult filmmaker is coming back to SBS VICELAND, with four of his most iconic movies. Saturdays in Feb.


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