This high tech sci fi futuristic zombie movie begins with people seemingly in an office tower being trapped and killed by some sort of malevolent force. We presume they work for what we`ve been told is the Umbrella Corporation, a powerful conglomerate that`s into arms and genetic and viral research. Then we cut to a bathroom where Alice, Milla Jovovitch, wakes from what? We don`t know. Soon the house is invaded by stormtroopers and she and some other guy are whisked off to The Hive, the underground research station of Umbrella where the Queen Bee has somehow turned nasty. OK, it`s easy from here, get the Bee and get out of there before the doors shut...Maybe because my expectations were not high I sat in quite a high state of tension as the virally reactivated corpses staggered after human flesh for sustenance, as bloodied skinless Dobermans attacked our heroine, and Milla Jovovitch can sure kick...high. The design is maybe not wildly original but it`s effective as is the direction of screenwriter Paul W.S. Anderson who was responsible for Shopping, Mortal Kombat and Event Horizon - come to think of it, I think I`m quite a sucker for these films. That pounding soundtrack gets me every time.