About 5000 Christmas revellers trash Melbourne's St Kilda foreshore


A furious Melbourne mayor says it will cost $18,000 to clean up St Kilda beach after it was trashed by thousands of backpackers on Christmas Day.

Thousands of Christmas revellers have wreaked havoc on Melbourne's St Kilda foreshore, leaving trolleys of alcohol and rubbish in their wake.

Police say about 5000 people descended on the foreshore in an "unplanned event" and the level of public intoxication prompted the closure of two lanes of traffic, with one man being hit by a tram.

"People were taking trolley loads of alcohol from the local bottle shops and wheeling them on to the beach," Port Phillip Mayor Bernadene Voss told 3AW.

She said it was disgraceful behaviour by mostly backpackers and international tourists.

The clean-up has been estimated to cost $18,000.

Council officers were now having to pick up the trash, trolleys and pick up broken glass from the sand by hand so people can enjoy the foreshore on a sunny Boxing Day, Ms Voss said.

The council is imposing a 10-day alcohol ban on public spaces from Tuesday and did not think one was necessary for Christmas Day because families like to go down to the foreshore for a glass of champagne or beer, Ms Voss said.

It is now considering an alcohol ban on Christmas Day next year.

"But we didn't really expect the extent of the backpackers and the international visitors, there were a lot of British accents," she said.

"People drink too much and that's a recipe for disaster."

A 27-year-old man was hit by a tram, a drunken 27-year-old woman had to be taken to hospital, others were injured from stepping on broken glass, two were arrested for being drunk in a public place and there was a report of an assault, Inspector Jason Kelly said.

Police from across the metropolitan area had to be brought in to control the mob.

"What really disappoints Victoria Police is the level of intoxication that occurred here," Insp Kelly said.

St Kilda foreshore cleaned up following Christmas party attended by thousands
St Kilda foreshore cleaned up following Christmas party attended by thousands

"We've seen some incidents tonight that are really below the line."

The Port Phillip Council alcohol ban runs until January 4.

Source AAP - SBS

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