Dyson's new fan Is 'near silent'

The updated version of Dyson's bladeless fan is so quiet, the company claims, its sound is less than a buzzing mosquito.

Dyson is releasing a "near silent" update to its bladeless fan that it claims is quieter than a buzzing mosquito.

The British company says its new Air Multiplier fan is up to 75 per cent quieter than the original model, released in 2009.

The fan is the first Dyson machine to include a device to eliminate tones of 1000Hz, similar to the frequency of the noise produced by the wing beat of mosquitoes.

The bladeless fan, one of Dyson's most successful and profitable inventions, works by using a brushless motor in the base to draw air in and feed it into the circular tube.

The air then comes out of a crack around the ring and passes over a shape like that of an aircraft wing.

Dyson said it invested STG40 million ($A74.8 million) into its newest fans.

Wiltshire-based Dyson, which employs more than 3600 staff worldwide, was founded in 1992 and sells machines, including vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, in more than 50 markets.

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Published 6 March 2014 at 12:09pm
Source: AAP