Breathtaking footage of daredevil in wingsuit flying through tiny mountain hole


Armed with a GoPro and a wingsuit, an Italian daredevil has captured the breathtaking moment he flew through a two-metre crevasse inside a mountain.

An Italian daredevil and basejumper has done the impossible, flying through a two-metre hole inside a mountain - and making it out alive.  

Uli Emanuele said he spotted the crevasse in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland three years ago and has been training ever since to fly through it.

"I found this hole three years ago. At that moment it was impossible to fly through. After three years of hard training I was ready for it. I opened two different exits. I flew through the hole four times. That is the smallest hole ever flown through by anyone."

Emanuele strapped a GoPro camera to his helmet to capture the death-defying feat, before uploading the video to YouTube. It has been watched more than 800,000 times. 

Source SBS

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