'I went for a lot less': 'Washed up' Sam Dastyari urges Joyce to quit

Former senator Sam Dastyari has weighed in on the Barnaby Joyce scandal. Source: AAP

Former senator Sam Dastyari has weighed in on the Barnaby Joyce scandal after a two-month absence on Twitter.

Former Labor senator Sam Dastyari hasn't tweeted for a couple of months, but returned on Monday to give Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce some advice.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Mr Dastyari told Mr Joyce to "quit while you are behind" after news of the deputy prime minister's relationship with his former media advisor emerged and continues to dominate headlines.

"Hey Twitter - am I allowed back? (So much to say about Barnaby)," the former senator wrote.

"Hey , I went for a LOT less. Quit while you are behind. Trust me - it only gets a LOT worse from here," another tweet read.

Mr Dastyari also claimed "everyone" knew about Mr Joyce's relationship with his former media advisor.

But the former senator did not stop there after turning his attention to the conservatives claiming he was willing to go "tit-for-tat for every Conservative f***ing around. BRING IT ON (seriously, I'm sooooo bored)".

Mr Dastyari then turned on the media claiming he was a "washed up" former politician and his thoughts were not "important".

The former senator resigned from parliament last year after sustained pressure from the government after a scandal over his ties to a Chinese donor.

Mr Joyce gave a brief statement to reporters on Tuesday morning denying he breached ministerial rules over his relationship with a former staffer.

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