Jacinda Ardern rejects 11-year-old's bribe to fund dragon research

Jacinda Ardern has rejected an 11-year-old's bribe to fund dragon research. Source: AAP/Reddit

It's bad news for New Zealand's dragon community.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has politely rejected an 11-year-old girl's $5 bribe to conduct research into dragons and psychics - but said she would "keep an eye out for those dragons".

A picture of a letter, reportedly from the PM, was posted on Reddit last week with the caption: "turns out my littlest sister (11yo) tried to bribe Jacinda". 

In it, Ms Ardern thanked Victoria for getting in touch with the government, but said they were not currently doing any work in the areas of psychics and dragons.

"I am therefore returning your bribe money," the letter reads, which was pictured alongside a New Zealand five dollar note.

The letter and "bribe".
The letter and "bribe".

"I wish you all the very best in your quest for telekinesis."

Comments on the photo quickly divulged into a discussion on whether dragons would be pro or anti-climate change.

"I heard the dragon faction is all for climate change. Something about global warming reminding them of their volcanic homes," one Reddit user wrote.

"Fire dragons are pro climate change because they love the heat. Ice dragons want to stop their homes melting. Water dragons slightly lean towards pro because they gain land from the ice dragons out of it. Wind dragons are pro because temperate weather makes for better typhoons. Thunder dragons get more lightning out of it," wrote another.

One poster asked for details about Victoria's ideas for dragons and telekinesis and the original poster - going by the name of honeybee6992 - was happy to elaborate.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has vowed to "keep an eye out for those dragons".
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has vowed to "keep an eye out for those dragons".

"So it turns out, she wanted the government to make her telekinetic when they are able, and wanted to find out what they know about dragons and if they had found any yet, so she could train them," they said.

Other Reddit users cheekily suggested she open a Kickstarter to fund the project.

It's not the first time Ms Ardern, who gave birth to a baby girl last year, has gone viral after responding to letters from young New Zealanders.

In March, a Twitter user posted a picture of a letter from Ms Ardern, thanking an eight-year-old for her letter about gun control.

"I agree that it's a good idea to ban dangerous guns, and I know that New Zealand will be a safer place because we have done that," the letter read.

"I can tell from your letter that you are a kind and compassionate girl, Lucy, and I would like to encourage you to keep spreading that kindness throughout your life."

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