Josh Frydenberg warns Dreyfus to rethink citizenship tactics


Josh Frydenberg, whose mother fled the Holocaust, says Labor's Mark Dreyfus should reconsider his questioning of the Energy Minister's citizenship credentials.

Senior Labor MP Mark Dreyfus should "look himself in the mirror" and ask if he's doing the right thing by continuing to question Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg's citizenship credentials.

The shadow attorney-general on Sunday said Mr Frydenberg still needed to demonstrate thoroughly he did not have citizenship by descent from his mother, who was born in Hungary in 1943 and escaped the Holocaust.

She was stateless when she arrived in Australia.

"It's not for me to say because I'm deeply sympathetic to Josh's circumstances that the constitution shouldn't apply to him," Mr Dreyfus told the ABC's Insider's program.

"I'm very much hoping that he can demonstrate, by just giving some of the material facts, or releasing the legal advice, that he's got nothing to be concerned about. But at the moment, his disclosure statement says nothing."

Mr Frydenberg said Mr Dreyfus, who is also Jewish, should listen to leader Bill Shorten who said they would not pursue the Liberal MP.

Shorten explains the extent of his knowledge of Feeney's citizenship status
Shorten explains the extent of his knowledge of Feeney's citizenship status

"I complied as all my colleagues did with requirements in the declaration of interests and we take those declarations seriously," Mr Frydenberg told reporters in Melbourne on Sunday.

"I don't think politics is fair at any point in time, but the reality is a number of Labor members have either rung me or said publicly that they feel that Mark Dreyfus' approach has been pure political tactics, they've asked him to desist.

"He should look himself in the mirror and ask him whether he thinks he was doing the right thing."

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