Qld Koala council heads conservation push

A new Queensland Koala council will be established to spearhead conservation measures for the iconic marsupial.

Queensland is setting up a 'koala advisory council' but rather than featuring Blinky Bill and friends, it will be made up of experts keen to help save the famous marsupials.

One of Australia's most iconic animals, Koalas are under increasing pressure from deforestation, feral and domestic animals and diseases.

The head of Queensland's branch of the RSPCA, Mark Townend, will lead a council made up of koala experts, local council representatives and land management groups.

Mr Townend said the council come together next month and meet with key stakeholders by early next year.

"The council will work collaboratively and transparently with all stakeholders in order to achieve the best possible outcome for Queensland's shrinking koala population," he said.

"We are only too well aware of the challenges posed by increased urbanisation as the state continues to grow."

Another of their tasks will be to work with the Queensland government to finalise a new strategy to conserve animals in the state's south east.

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