Queensland launches first Drone Strategy

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk wants Queensland to become a world leader in drone technology. (AAP)

Queensland will implement Australia's first Drone Strategy in a bid to take advantage of the burgeoning sector.

The Queensland government will introduce Australia's first whole-of-government Drones Strategy in a bid to become a world leader in the flying technology

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made the announcement at the inaugural World of Drones Congress in Brisbane on Thursday, saying the multi-billion-dollar industry could boost the state's economy.

"My government wants to take drone technologies to the next level and to see Queensland become a world leader in drone investment, research and development," she said.

According to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, about 25 per cent of Australia's unmanned aerial aircraft operators are based in Queensland.

Ms Palaszczuk said drones were already being widely used across the state, including during natural disasters like Cyclone Debbie, in the film industry and to help monitor the dwindling koala population.

Ms Palaszczuk said the government had passed laws that allowed farmers to use drones rather than crop dusters, while students at a Brisbane school were studying aviation and had bought a fleet of drones.

Police and firefighters will also use drones during a rescue training exercise on the Brisbane river this weekend.

Ms Palaszczuk urged industry leaders and members of the community to have their say on the Queensland Drones Strategy Consultation Paper.

"We need to ensure industry can thrive, our research and development opportunities are maximised, our rights are protected and investment continues to flow into Queensland," she said.

Source AAP

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