Responses to the proposed energy shake-up

Australia's energy market is "broken" and needs a major reset to stop energy companies ripping off customers, a new report has found.


* "The national electricity market is largely broken and needs to be reset." - ACCC chair Rod Sims

* "Too much ideology and even idiocy has taken the place of engineering and economics, and energy consumers have suffered accordingly." - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

* "There is good news for consumers out of these recommendations... The ACCC as the competition watchdog has got no partisan point to make." - Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg

* "We will consider the recommendations in detail and consult with stakeholders and jurisdictions as part of developing the Commonwealth's response before the end of 2018." - Treasurer Scott Morrison

* "For too long, recommendations for sensible change have been lost in the fog of the civil war being waged in the coalition party room over energy policy." - Opposition energy spokesman Mark Butler

* "The ACCC has recommended the government underwrite base-load power investments. Once again, common sense of the Nationals is vindicated." - Resources Minister Matt Canavan

* "Finally common sense in energy debate! The Nationals have been calling for government support to secure investment in base-load power generation - irrespective of fuel source - the ACCC agrees." - Deputy Nationals leader Bridget McKenzie

* "We are certainly committed to affordable and reliable energy." - Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop

* "I am concerned about price. We have to put price before Paris (the international agreement on climate change)." - Conservative Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly

* "The retailers have been ripping off consumers. They've been gaming the system." - Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi

* "Any policy and regulatory 'reset' will only be fair if it addresses the costs that have already been imposed on consumers." - Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick

* "Secure power supply agreements would enhance the opportunity for private sector financing of a new coal or gas plant in Australia capable of delivering least-cost power 24/7." - Minerals Council of Australia chief executive Tania Constable

* "The ACCC has delivered faint praise for the National Energy Guarantee. It knows the National Energy Guarantee is flawed." - Smart Energy Council chief executive John Grimes

* "We are now at a pivot point where we can actually start to get this market working for consumers and bringing bills down." - Energy Consumers Australia acting boss Lynne Gallagher.

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