Senator sends LGBTIQ Australia a Valentine

Australian Greens Senator Janet Rice (AAP)

Greens senator Janet Rice has sent out Valentines in a bid to highlight issues facing Australia's LGBTIQ community.

Greens senator Janet Rice had more than a few Valentine wishes to send out.

Armed with a rose, the Greens senator fronted reporters outside Parliament House on Valentine's Day to send well-wishes to same-sex newlyweds able to marry over the last month.

"I also want to send Valentines to couples who are married where one of the partners is a trans person, because they are still in a situation the trans person can't change their birth certificate," she said.

"Yes, like my marriage with my wife Penny."

Senator Rice met and married her wife of more than 30 years while Penny was still living as a man.

The senator has written to all state and territory governments asking them to ensure that married transgender people can change their birth certificate to reflect their true gender.

She also congratulated transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey for being cleared to play in women's leagues, as the AFL finalises its national gender diversity policy.

"Good on you Hannah," she said.

Source AAP

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