The controversial No campaign ad banned from daytime TV


A new advertisement against legalising same-sex marriage has been banned until late at night due to its explicit content.

A new advertisement backing the No vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey has been banned from television until late at night due to its explicit content.

The ad is the latest in the Coalition for Marriage’s campaign to provoke controversy in the lead-up to the postal survey result.

Shared on the lobby group’s Facebook page on Monday, the 30-second ad garnered an MA classification from commercial television body Free TV, meaning it cannot be aired before 8.30pm.

According to The Australian, the ban is a result of the “depictions of implied sexual activity and verbal sexual references”.

The ad flashes the lines “Penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex and certainly not the ultimate sex”, and “It’s a total lie that all guys have dicks, and all girls have vaginas” from the Safe Schools Coalition Australia-backed OMG I’m Trans and OMG I’m Queer resource packs.

The Coalition for Marriage video is captioned: “This is what kids are being taught in school. It will only get worse if the law is changed. If you want to stop this you must vote and you must vote No.”

Campaign spokesman Lyle Shelton tweeted: “Free TV will protect your kids at home but sex and gender theory will be taught at school.”

The final result for the postal survey on same-sex marriage is expected on November 15.

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