'Most likely to go to the footy with', and other strange election polling questions

ScoMo or Shorten, who is more likely to lend you $100?

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With less than three weeks until the federal election, the media has been keeping a close eye on polls: things like preferred party (currently Labor), or preferred Prime Minister (still ScoMo).

It's also a time for us to hear about the issues voters care about - like climate change, immigration, taxes.

But for some pollsters, it seems like those issues don't go quite far enough.

Essential Polling's includes a deep dive into what voters think about the party leaders - and we're not talking about their political prowess.

Pollsters use specific types of questions to find out how voters perceive their next potential Prime Minister. How do you know who voters like more? Ask who they think would be more likely to lend you 100 bucks.

The "likeability" of a candidate is a high priority for politicians and the staff trying to get them elected. That's why we have seen Scott Morrison in a cap talking about the Sharks and Bill Shorten scull an entire beer in 16 seconds.

So, do we think Bill and Scott could be a good "mate"?


More punters think Scott Morrison would make the best meal, with 25 per cent trusting that he would cook a good meal compared to 22 per cent for Bill Shorten.

Home renovations? 24 per cent of voters would ask Bill Shorten to help with renovations but 22 percent would trust Scott Morrison.

The candidates are tied for the Prime Minister you would most trust to look after your pet but four per cent more respondents would trust Morrison to care for their kids.

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Source: The Feed


Broken down and stranded? Scott Morrison just beat Bill Shorten in who you think would be most likely to stop and help if your car was stranded: 29 per cent compared to 28.

The candidates were tied in who you would ask for advice about a personal issue.


Turns out most voters want to chillout with Scott Morrison over Bill Shorten.

Punters are more likely to have him over for dinner (31 per cent vs 29 per cent), go on a holiday with him (24 per cent vs 21 per cent), go to the footy ( 31 per cent vs 25 per cent) and to the pub for a beer (31 per cent vs 29 per cent).


More voters would ask Scott Morrison advice on how to invest their money, but think Bill Shorten is more likely to lend you $100 bucks if you needed.

Bill Shorten came out on top when it comes to who you would get to negotiate your next pay raise.

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Source: The Feed

But one thing we can be sure about is that most people are unsure. The majority of voters don't actually know who they trust more with their money, home improvements and who would help them if their car broke down.

Check out the full results in the table below:

Poll results
Source: Essential Research

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Published 2 May 2019 at 6:05am
By Emily Jane Smith