SM Entertainment push their case against Kris (Wu Yifan) with a new lawsuit...
5 Feb 2015 - 2:02 PM  UPDATED 31 Jul 2015 - 1:02 PM


SM Entertainment has filed a new lawsuit against former EXO member Kris (Wu Yifan) and the companies that are profiting from his recent activities in China too. 

Read their statement released July 30:

"As the lawful management of EXO members Kris and Luhan, after filing a lawsuit in February 2015 against Luhan and the companies employing him as an endorsement model for his illegal celebrity activities, SM Entertainment has now officially filed a lawsuit against Kris, and the advertisement companies movie production companies who have employed Kris for his illegal activities. The lawsuit has been registered on July 30 at the Beijing court.

After one-sidedly filing a lawsuit against the agency in May 2014, Kris left without notice and has been illegally appearing on various movies, advertisements, event, and awards ceremony using the recognition he has gained through EXO. These activities have infringed the rights of the EXO members and SM, and have caused great financial harm to us and our partners. This is not only an abuse of the system, but also an unethical move that has betrayed the trust of this company and the other members. 

Our contract with Kris remains in effect until the final ruling is made by the court. We will hold him responsible for all the promotions he has illegally conducted during this period. All the activities he has conducted independently including movie and advertisement promotions are also considered a breach of contract. In addition, any individuals or companies that have blindly supported his breach of contract are infringing on the rights and profits of SM and EXO. Thus, we will also hold them responsible and take legal action.

From here on, we will protect our rights and interests of EXO, SM, as well as our partners, and will do all that we can so that no further harm will come to more companies [due to illegally hiring Kris] and so that more will not become involved with Kris's illegal activities."



IN EARLIER NEWS: (25/05/15): 

SM Entertainment has released a new statement regarding their conflict with EXO members Kris and Luhan and their continued activites in China while still under contract. 

On May 20th, SM Entertainment stated, “As the agency of EXO members Luhan and Kris (Wu Yifan), we have filed a lawsuit against Luhan and the two Chinese companies who have used Luhan as their product models. Our legal action was conducted through the Chinese court and adheres to contract infringement. It was officially accepted on May 18th through Beijing People’s Court.

SM Entertainment also stated, “The contracts between SM and Luhan as well as Kris are effective until the court makes their final verdict on the matter and need to be kept. Any profitable action including advertisement modelling and taking part in the filming of a movie clearly goes against the contract, and we plan to have those involved take responsibility for their actions.

Both Wu Yifan and Luhan have been working in China on seperate films including: "Somewhere Only We Know" and "Miss Granny" respectively as well as promoting products. 


IN EARLIER NEWS (19/05/15): Kris, Luhan and SM Entertainment forced to settle their lawsuits

Seoul Central District Court has appointed an arbitrator to force a compulsory mediation for the contract nullification lawsuits former EXO members Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan filed against SM Entertainment.

If a settlement offer is not accepted by each side the justice department may step in to force a reconciliation settlement. Kris, Luhan and SM Entertainment have two weeks to state any objections to this ruling before the compulsory mediation act forces them to settle. 

Wu Yifan's and Luhan’s attorneys stated to Star News, “We are currently reviewing the compulsory arbitration forwarded to us by the justice department, but we cannot release any detailed information regarding the case.

SM Entertainment reaffirmed their position on the matter, “When [these stars] have no concrete reason or proof to give up [their career] and are hiring the same attorneys to use the same exact tactics to [leave the group or company], it just shows that once they have debuted and promoted with the group and have gotten popular as a celebrity, they begin ignoring all contracts made with that agency and the agency’s interests to leave for their own benefit.


IN EARLIER NEWS: SM Entertainment take legal action against former EXO members Kris (Wu Yifan) & Luhan 

SM Entertainment has taken legal action against Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan, former members of EXO, and their respective new management companies for continuing acting activities in China.

SM Entertainment remain in an unresolved dispute with Kris and Luhan over their separate contract terminations. On February 5th, they a statement saying, “We have filed official lawsuits against companies that have been using Luhan and Kris, who are currently pursuing activities illegally, as advertisement models. We have taken this action to prevent Kris and Luhan from further pursuing their activities in an illegal manner and to prohibit further damages.”

Their full official statement reads as follows:

Korean SM Entertainment as the legal agency of EXO’s former members Kris and Luhan has formally filed official lawsuits against companies that have been using Luhan and Kris, who are currently pursuing activities illegally, as advertisement models. Our lawsuit was formerly accepted into Chinese courts in 2015 February 4th. We have taken this action to prevent Kris and Luhan from further pursuing their activities in an illegal manner and to prohibit further damages.

Kris and Luhan have filed a lawsuit through Korean legal channels in May and October of 2014 respectively. After their one-sided legal action and before the matter was even taken to court, the two have been using EXO’s fame to participate in movies, advertisements, events and award shows. These activities have infringed on the rights of EXO members as well as SM and also caused extensive financial damages to SM and its partners.

SM used massive amounts of resources to turn EXO into one of the best artists in the world. Kris and Luhan left the group without sufficient reason as soon as the team gained fame and ignored contracts, trust and ethics and pursued their own profit. This action betrayed the trust between them and the company as well as the members. This action is also an abuse of the legal system.

The exclusive contract between SM with Kris and Luhan are in effect until the final decision is made in court. Therefore we plan to hold them responsible for all their illegally carried out activities in that duration. Also any solitary actions that brings in profit are an infringement of their contract. We will make sure they are held legally responsible for such actions.

We are working with Chinese legal representative KING&WOOD MALLESONS against those who have used the two as product models. We are also going to protect the rights of the company and EXO in other countries besides China to prevent further damages.

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Source: xportsnews, Koreaboo, Star News