The NCT Dream member won't be part of the group's upcoming comeback.
2 Feb 2017 - 12:02 PM  UPDATED 2 Feb 2017 - 12:02 PM

In a bit of sad news for NCT Dream fans, Jaemin won't be participating in the group's upcoming February 9 comeback.

Following Jaemin's notable absence in the latest batch of NCT Dream teaser images, SM Entertainment have released a statement confirming that he will not be part of the group's comeback due to a herniated disc.

After receiving treatment for his condition last year, Jaemin's condition has worsened and SM saw fit to withdraw him from all promotions so he can focus on his recovery.

Here's a translation of SM's statement:

"Hello. This is SM Entertainment. 

We appreciate all the fans for the great attention on the teaser images of NCT Dream's first single album 'The First' that were revealed today. We're here to make an announcement for the fans who've waited for Jaemin.

Last year, Jaemin, who joined promotions for 'Chewing Gum', has been treated for a herniated disc since his trainee days. His condition has worsened and because we believe that artist's health is first priority and most important, we decided for him to focus on treatment and take a break for this promotions. 

We ask fans to understand and give many support and encouragement for his fast recovery. 

Once again, we appreciate all the fans who support NCT Dream. NCT Dream will work their best to repay the love.

Thank you."

Get well soon, Jaemin, and we'll see you back on the stage when you're good and ready!

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