BTS' V is as obvious one!
20 Feb 2017 - 3:28 PM  UPDATED 20 Feb 2017 - 3:30 PM

With an ensemble cast made up of actors and idols, Hwarang gained a lot of attention even before it began. Of course, such attention is warranted – a drama that centres around a group of incredibly beautiful and handsome young guys? What more could you wish for!

Unfortunately, this beautiful dream is coming to an end as the drama airs it’s last two episodes on Monday and Tuesday. So here are some of the things from we’ll miss most:

1) The party at Okta House getting *lit*

Okta House is apparently just a renamed historical version of Seoul’s Club Octagon, which explains the probably-historically-inaccurate dancing styles and strong bass that people are partying to. Amidst the thumping music and the crowds of people, we witness the rivalry between Ban Ryu and Soo Ho, hear some of Ah Ro’s seductive stories and witness some frustrating nearly-met-but-missed-each-other-by-a-second moments. 

2) 'Bromance' moments everywhere

Dare I say that the 'bromances' in Hwarang are more captivating than the other romances. With a predominantly male cast, the opportunities for moments of cute banter and play fighting are abound, and the drama has definitely delivered.

Soo Ho and Ban Ryu’s friends-to-bros story is to full of cute moments like this:

Hwarang has also taught us that romances are solidified by a water scene (Soo Ho and Ban Ryu, and Sun Woo and Ji Dwi...)

And who could forget this beautiful shower scene?

Let’s be real though, their bromance in real life is even better. 

They even went to BTS’ concert to support Taehyung (V)! Ah, there goes my heart.

3) The love triangle that gives us major second lead syndrome

Maybe it’s just me, but something about the fact that Ah Ro and Sun Woo are supposed to be pretending to be siblings made all their romantic moments feel a bit problematic. The unease settles once Ah Ro finds out that Sun Woo isn’t actually her real brother, but you can’t help feel bad for poor Ji Dwi/King Jinheung who has just been having a one-sided love with Ah Ro for basically the whole drama. Still, what would this drama be without its main love triangle?  

Hwarang’s love triangle creates a painful sense of second lead syndrome (which we kind of secretly enjoy). You can’t help but feel for the king as he struggles with family issues and a sense of powerlessness, and has to deal with heartbreak when Ah Ro doesn’t reciprocate his feelings (Ji Dwi x Ah Ro for life). 

4) Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon’s love story 

Any love story that begins with some accidental ass-grabbing due to a case of mistaken identity could only ever develop into something more entertaining. In what can be described as a Romeo-and-Juliet-esque romance (except without death), the love that flourishes between Ban Ryu and his rival’s sister develops into something that is sweet enough to make you squeal. 

How will our hearts ever recover from Ban Ryu’s secret little tender smiles to himself when he thinks about Soo Yeon?

5) All the beautiful Hwarangs

Whoever thought of creating a drama about a historical group of elite male youth, who were chosen based on their beauty, should be rewarded for blessing our eyes over the past two-and-a-bit months. Each main Hwarang possesses their own charms which have pulled at our heart strings and left us in despair at how beautiful they all are. (I still can’t get over how perfect their brows are).

 - Sun Woo

Multiple near-death experiences, serious injuries, a couple of hairstyle changes and one parental revelation later, Sun Woo has lodged himself in our hearts as a noble and strong leader who is insanely good at everything he does. 

- Ji Dwi/King Jinheung 

Ji Dwi/King Jinheung is a beautiful combination of loneliness, angst, and longing for change all mixed in with a heavy dose of handsome and charm that is utterly fatal and dangerous for one’s heart.

- Soo Ho

How could we not swoon at Soo Ho’s flirtatiousness and manly charm? 

  - Ban Ryu

Or completely fall for Ban Ryu’s cool demeanour and hidden cute dorkiness?

- Hansung

Hansung; the happy ray of sunshine that brightened up everyone’s lives and had us all trying to figure out how someone could possibly be so cute and handsome at the same time (still not recovered from episode 18, just saying).

- Yeo Wool

Yeo Wool had us all weeping. How a man could possibly be so pretty whilst simultaneously giggling at how he messed with everyone at Hwarang House is beyond us.

Hwarang, you will be missed.

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