And I’m not just talking about Woo Tak getting released from hospital.
23 Oct 2017 - 5:02 PM  UPDATED 23 Oct 2017 - 5:02 PM

We’re already halfway through While You Were Sleeping. We’ve endured multiple heart attacks, had our minds blown and melted into puddles of feels whenever the leads are being cute. 

It’s important to digest all that’s been happening, so let’s have a look at some of the best parts of While You Were Sleeping so far:

Jae Chan’s character development

Jae Chan initially seems kind of empty-headed, vain, and possibly bad at his job. Sure, he’s still a dork…

There's so many sides to him...

He's sensitive.

… super cool,


The significant role Woo Tak has

Bless all the writers and whoever else was involved for writing Woo Tak into the storyline. 

Like, is he real???

Displaying wootak1.gif

Displaying wootak2.gif

These prosecutor office ladies know what I’m on about.

Displaying relatable.gif

He also has an adorable dog who basically steals every single scene.

Displaying wootakdog.gif

Displaying wootakdog2.gif

The Director is being very generous when it comes to Woo Tak’s character.

Displaying wootakbonus.gif

Displaying wootakbonus2.gif

This all might be a very clever ploy to somewhat distract us from the fact that Woo Tak is hiding a mysterious secret, but might as well enjoy it, right?

Hong Joo is the epitome of awkward-weirdness

It’d be too difficult to include all of the amazing lines that Hong Joo has, because there are so many.

Displaying hongjoosayings.gif

We should all aspire to reach the levels of confidence/delusion that Hong Joo has where we can assume hot guys are always instantly falling for you. To be fair though, she did have a pretty touchy-feely dream.

Displaying hongjoo.gif

Displaying hongjoo2.gif

Never forget this amazing depiction of the struggles of patchy eyebrow hair.

Displaying monalisa.png

Hong Joo and Jae Chan’s budding romance

They’re taking it a bit slow (which, of course, is fine), but also kind of being a couple but not a couple at the same time?

Their dreams always look so beautiful...

Displaying dreamkiss.gif

Reality, on the other hand, is definitely awkward but very cute. Hong Joo starts rambling, Jae Chan is so shocked he can barely react, and they both don’t know how to act around each other.

Displaying kissreal.gif

Now that Jae Chan has put his feelings in the open, let’s hope they settle into being a couple with relative smoothness.

Displaying confession.gif

Everything is just so beautiful

Maybe it’s because we live in Australia, but something about seeing snow makes everything feel magical. While You Were Sleeping has had beautiful cinematography; I wish I could find out where all the filming locations are.

Displaying majesticsnowmoment1.gif

 Displaying majesticsnowmoment1a.gif

Displaying majesticsnowmoment1b.gif

There’s only eight more episodes left before yet another amazing drama ends. Sit tight and hold on, because it’s bound to be even more intense than it already is. 

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