We're talking in the BILLIONS here, but Joey and Aki aren't sold on Netflix's plan.
26 Oct 2017 - 1:24 PM  UPDATED 26 Oct 2017 - 1:24 PM

Every Monday, YouTubers Joey the Anime Man and Aki Dearest join forces to bring you The Anime Show, an hour that covers what’s hot, what’s not, what’s new and what you should be watching in the world of anime!

In the latest episode, Joey and Aki have a few worries to share about Netflix. Specifically, Netflix's ambitious content and anime plan for 2018.

The streaming giant recently announced that it plans to spend $8 BILLION on original content in 2018, and part of this dosh will be spent on producing new anime movies and shows. Normally the news of many new anime shows and movies would be received positively, but for Joey and Aki, this has got them concerned.

Firstly, Netflix hasn't had a great track record when it comes to original anime shows and movies, with the critically-panned Neo Yokio and Death Note showcasing just how the streaming giant are just not "getting" how anime works. Not only does Neo Yokio show that Netflix are missing the point on what makes anime "good," but the Death Note live-action movie also shows that Netflix are operating on a simple mindset of "oh this is popular, let's make a live-action version of it!"

It's not just the content itself that has Joey and Aki worried. When it comes to where anime can be, Netflix doesn't rank particularly high for either one of them. Not only does Netflix license anime shows far too late when compared to its competitors, but its current offerings and platform still pales in comparison to places like Crunchyroll, not to mention how the streaming giant produces shows and movies based on properties that aren't that popular.

Having said all that, Joey and Aki are rooting for Netflix to succeed with their anime plan, but they should probably spend all that money to fix a few glaring issues in terms of content and their platform first.

Listen right here to Joey and AkiDearest chat about their worries about Netflix' ambitious anime plan:


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