Fans love to give back!
5 Jul 2018 - 11:33 AM  UPDATED 5 Jul 2018 - 11:33 AM

A K-pop concert is a special experience and the interactions between audience and artists, whether that's with fan chants, light sticks or singalongs are all part of what make it unforgettable for fans who get the chance to see their favourite idols live.

While these performers give us so much, fans give just as much back, and often they go above and beyond with fan projects that even the idols on stage don't know about.

Here's some of the times idols have been blown away by special fan projects staged at their concerts.


During their recent Magical Circus tour in Japan, the trio were surprised when they were shown a fan project video made for them, featuring fans sharing their love for the group along with memorable footage from their previous shows. EXO-CBX were definitely moved by the gesture.


During a performance of "2! 3!", BTS noticed that fans had done something special with their lightsticks. As part of a Purple ARMY project, fans had changed the colour of the usually white ARMY Bomb to purple.


Fans surprised 2PM during their 6 Nights concert with a video montage, before launching paper planes into the air, leaving the members stunned and teary-eyed.


Fans in Madrid organised to hold banners reading "we will always support you" in Korean during Monsta X's latest world tour.


Shawols in Japan were the first to see SHINee live after Jonghyun's death, and they shared the message "Forever 5HINee" beautifully, forming it across the stadium by holding coloured paper. A video captured the exact moment each member noticed it too.

Girls' Generation

At the group's 10th anniversary fan meeting, Girls' Generation members were moved to tears by fans singing "Into The New World" to them, while holding banners high.


At an EXO'rdium dot concert in Seoul, EXO-Ls showed off their message to EXO by organising themselves into a massive written slogan across the stadium seats that said: "No EXO, No Life".

Block B

Early on in Block B's career, it seemed uncertain if they'd carry on, with agency changes and court cases happening. However they made a comeback with "Very Good" and fans planned a banner project to show their love and support.


Filipino fans brought joy to their SEVENTEEN concert experience by lifting balloons in the air during their performance of "Healing".

Wonder Girls

During a concert encore, the girl group's music was cut off so their fans could surprise them and sing in unison to them.

What other special fan projects made you emotional?


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