Time to take a deep breath and unwind
1 Apr 2020 - 11:16 AM  UPDATED 1 Apr 2020 - 11:16 AM

We're all feeling a bit on edge lately as we practice social distancing and stay indoors. If you're feeling at a loss for what to do, or just a bit antsy hanging around your house all day, take some time to unwind with the soothing tones of a Korean lifestyle vlog.

There's a whole world of Korean YouTubers who make content focused on daily calm living and have millions of subscribers to boot! Whether it's watching someone make intricate beverages, home-cooking recipes, or just following the day in someone's life, K-vloggers have this particular style of relaxed, easy-going content on lock.

Plus, if you're currently learning Korean, you can switch off the English subtitles and call it study!

Here's some vloggers you'll want to subscribe to and sink into the relaxing atmosphere.


Her videos are bright, crisp and full of recipes to inspire over 1 million subscribers - relax with the soothing music!


For all your fancy drink-making and ASMR needs, look no further.


With over 2 million subscribers, you know this channel must be bringing the relaxing vibes consistently


These videos will make you want to have a calm home routine too.


Previously based in Japan, she currently vlogs from her home in Seoul with everything from home-baking to dining out and fashion looks. Also she has an adorable dog!


If you want some soft-toned home deco inspiration, or just general life calmness, here's a vlogger to follow.


She's not currently active but you can watch her previous content that features lots of Seoul cafes and cute shop visits.


For a change, this vlogger is based in Busan, so you get some beach thrown in in most videos.


Beautifully shot and often full of nature, you can whisk yourself away to another part of the world with these videos.

How many of these will you be subscribing to?


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