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'Eurovision - Australia Decides' puts you in charge of finding our 2019 Eurovision entry.
Click through to submit your song to 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'
It's more than a fun song about Pikachu, Wonder Woman, and teddy bears.
Eurovision intruder arrested for storming stage during the UK entrant's performance of 'Storm'.
Given Jessica's powerhouse performance in the Semi-Finals, this is a distinct possibility.
As Portugal's capital hosts the song contest, Australia's Eurovision 2018 spokesperson Ricardo Goncalves picks his top spots in and around the city.
Before he became a Serious Journalist, our 2018 Eurovision spokesperson was on his way to pop stardom. Almost.

Eurovision Politics

The fiery politics of Eurovision are often just as compelling as the music itself.

Who votes for who and why...
Why did Gigliola Cinquetti find herself banned in 1974?
While the music is a blast, the real tension in Eurovision is the voting.
At Eurovision, the voting may be fierce, but the relationships between the artists are usually loving and supportive. Regular Eurovision attendee Blair Martin...
Eurovision watchers know that there is just as much tension behind the scenes, in the build-up to the event, as there is on stage.