The pop siblings are all in for this weekend's national Eurovision selection show, for its celebration of original songwriting.
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8 Feb 2019 - 4:25 PM  UPDATED 8 Feb 2019 - 4:25 PM

On Saturday 9 February, Australians will get to choose which artist will represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. We're getting to know each of the 10 contenders  as they prepare for the big live events on Queensland's Gold Coast. 

What made you want to put yourselves forward for consideration for Eurovision?

George: Well we got a call from our manager saying that the competition was happening and whether we'd be interested. To be honest, we hummed and hawed about it for a bit 'cause the whole reality television show is something we've kind of avoided, but this one in particular felt different because it was celebrating not just original music from original artists, but it was an avenue for celebrating pop music in Australia.

It's a new doorway altogether, and that’s something that we want to champion. Even though we've been really lucky as Sheppard we've had a lot of support from radio and television, we are one of the lucky few. It's not very easy for other pop artists in Australia to get onto commercial radio straightaway and Triple J doesn't really look into that sort of thing, so there really aren’t many options for a pop artist. This is a really awesome new thing to be a part of, so we just kind of wanted to get in on the ground floor and promote it much as we could and be a part of it.

Do you have a history of watching the Eurovision Song Contest?

Amy: We grew up in Papua New Guinea so we didn't get a whole lot of Eurovision news over there. But definitely we knew that ABBA went to Eurovision and Celine Dion came from Eurovision and so it has always been this iconic event that we never thought that it was possible to be a part of. So yeah to have this opportunity is a big deal for us. Because we've known about Eurovision for so long and now to be kind of a part of it is really exciting for us.

I know that ‘On My Way’ wasn't created for Eurovision necessarily, but what made this one the right choice?

George: I think it was just the fact that it felt really like uplifting and anthemic and energetic, you know. It was like a colourful sound if that makes sense. And that felt like, to us anyway, it felt like it ticked a lot of the boxes for a Eurovision song, so when the opportunity came up to submit the song you know we went through our catalogue and we're like um, which song feels right, and this one just kind of stood out. 


Sheppard: 'On My Way'

By George Sheppard, Amy Sheppard, Jay Bovino and Jon Hume

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What's the story of the lyrics?

George: Essentially, it's about like a long distance relationship and the guy, I guess who's me, he's like wanting to get back to his lover and feel that heat that flame that is so enticing and to warm his soul again. Essentially. It's about finding that fire.

Can you give us a little insight into how you're going to perform it for the 'Eurovision – Australia Decides' audience?

Amy: Well I think the thing that sets us apart is we're a band and we're just trying to be ourselves as much as possible I don't think there's anything particularly quirky about us, and we don't want to have to put that on for an audience. We just want, I guess, to showcase our musicianship as a band. We’re using technology, but I don't want to give too much away about the live performance. The technology is going to add an element of fun. [To George] Do you want to add to that?

George: Yeah, I mean, fire is a big part of the lyrics of the song and we're trying to use that in an interesting way.

Well, that's very Eurovision thing to do. Keen to see if you go full Eurovision and have a flaming guitar.

Emma: Yeah, I brought up setting myself on fire, but they weren't into that.

Amy: Yeah, management wasn't into that one.

Shame, it would have made quite the impression. Are you interacting much with the other nine acts?

Emma: We spent one day with them not all of them, but we spent, I think Electric Fields was here, Aydan, Leea, who else was here, Ella Hooper. We got to spend like a whole day with them in this very room and it was actually really nice because everyone's so super down to earth and friendly and it doesn't sound like a competition.

Amy: Yeah, when we first walked in we were like, 'Oh God, what are we doing here?', like, we were a bit scared. But everyone was so nice and they're just friends to us now.

George: We're all in the same boat, so I think we have that instant connection with each other because we've all just been thrown into this situation and we're all excited for it. We'll see what happens on the weekend.


Watch Sheppard perform LIVE at the Gold Coast in 'Eurovision - Australia Decides', along with with Leea Nanos, Mark Vincent, Electric Fields, Courtney Act, Kate Miller-HeidkeAydan, Ella Hooper, Tania Doko, and Alfie Arcuri. Be a part of history and see it live at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

How to vote: 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'
Everything you need to know about how to choose who will represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest. The decision is in your hands.

Friday 8 February, 7.30pm AEST (Not televised)
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Saturday 9 February, 1.00pm AEST (Not televised)
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Saturday 9 February, 7.30pm AEST
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
Live and Exclusive TV Broadcast on SBS


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Eurovision – Australia Decides airs Saturday 9 February live on SBS, when voting will be open to the public.

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*Voting opens at 1:00am AEDT on Saturday 9 February. To register an SMS vote, voters must text the song number (as promoted in program) of their favourite Act to 1991 3773. Premium SMS must be enabled to vote. Voting costs $0.55 per vote and the maximum number of votes is 20 per mobile phone provider. By casting a valid vote for Eurovision – Australia Decides voters will automatically be entered into the “Eurovision – Australia Decides – Win the Ultimate Trip to the Gold Coast!” competition. 

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