• (L to R) Eurovision Semi-final 1 hosts Israeli television presenter Lucy Ayoub, Israeli television host Erez Tal, and Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli. (SBS Eurovision)Source: SBS Eurovision
The results are in for the first Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final. Find out who has made it through to Sunday's Grand Final.
Fiona Williams

15 May 2019 - 7:11 AM  UPDATED 15 May 2019 - 7:11 AM

The Eurovision Song Contest got underway with 17 performers taking to the stage to sing for their country, but only 10 have made it through to Sunday's Grand Final. 

The news is good for Australia, with Eurovision - Australia Decides winner Kate Miller-Heidke easily making it through to the big finale, with her gravity-defying performance of 'Zero Gravity'.

Didn’t set your alarm? You can watch the entire Semi Final 1 broadcast tomorrow night (Thursday) from 8.30pm on SBS and SBS On Demand. You won't be able to vote, but you can rate each of the performances. 

How to watch Eurovision 2019
Get behind Kate Miller Heidke from May 16 - 19 on SBS.

The following 10 artists are through to Sunday's final:  


Katarine Duska's 'Better Love' is the empowerment song of the Semi Final, and her live performance featured synchronised fencing, to boot. Of course she made it through. 



A former Junior Eurovision winner, 16 year-old Zena danced up a storm with her rendition of 'Like It', complete with flipping breakdancers behind her. 



The first Balkan power ballad of Eurovision 2019. Every show needs one, and Nevena Božović did the honours.



Tamta took to the stage in a flesh-coloured, dangly-chandeliered bodysuit to belt out 'Replay'. The song is verrrry similar to last year's runner-up (Eleni Foureira's fiery 'Fuego')... but in calling it 'Replay' I suppose she's being transparent with more than just her outfit. 



Victor Crone's little-bit-country/pop song, 'Storm', whipped up a virtual storm on stage, but otherwise the performance was just Victor in a leather jacket and work pants. Simple, and it seems, for the voters, effective. 


Czech Republic

Lake Malawi are named for a Bon Iver song, and their perky pop number, 'Friend of a Friend', filled Expo Tel Aviv with primary colours for a song about a sexed-up ex, or something. (See Lyrics, here)



Eurovision - Australia Decides winner Kate Miller-Heidke upped the ante by performing. on. a. pole. And didn't she bring the house down? She drew the biggest crowd response of the night. Sure, we're a teensy bit biased, but there's no question she nailed it. 



Hatari invited us all to 'join them on their nihilistic journey to the centre of the earth', with their kinky (and catchy) anthem for these uncertain times, 'Hatred Will Prevail'. They claim it's their first bold step in their global plan to orchestrate the inevitable downfall of capitalism, and we absolutely believe them because of course we do. 


San Marino

TV presenter - and dentist - Serhat upped the white suit count and brought a big finish to the Semi Final, saying Na Na Na, with a backbeat. San Marino is back, baby. 




2019's Eurovision lovebirds, Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl, gazed longingly into each others eyes for the duration of their indie ditty, 'Sebi', in a pared-back performance, and matchy-matchy white crop pants ensembles. Don't mind us, kids. Ain't young love grand?  



Sadly, this means the following 7 countries didn't make it through. Thanks for daring to dream...


6-piece outfit D Mol donned white suits, pointed a lot, did a half- hearted do-si-do, and waved their hands towards the key change of 'Heaven'.  Alas, to no avail.



Superstar DJ Darude brought the star power to the stage at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, along with singer Sebastian Rejman, but it was short-lived (just as well none of the instruments are plugged in at Eurovision; makes for a quicker exit when you don't get through). 



In an upset, Tulia's scream-shouty folk singers-with-flair, Tulia, didn't make it through with Fire of Love (Pali się)'. They was robbed.  



Joci Pápai's return to the Eurovision fold was shortlived, and his stirring song about family, Az én apám (My Father), won't be featuring in the final.  



Purposeful teenager Eliot (18) performed his call to action, 'Wake Up', with some big drums behind him, to help deliver the message, but evidently it only resonated with Australia's early risers. Sorry, Eliot.  



Oto Nemsadze's look was simple but his big vocals - a mountainous backdrop, a moat motif, and fire, lots of fire  - brought the drama. Nonetheless, it's not to be. With Oto and Hungary's Joci exiting early, there'll be a dearth of big voiced, black-clad men in black with topknots this Sunday.



Conan Osiris performed 'Telemoveis' ('Cell Phone') looking, as Myf Warhurst put it, like "a silky cricket". Sadly, Conan is hearing crickets instead, having failed to qualify for the final. 



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