Eurovision Song Contest

The latest news about the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

The results are in for the second Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final. Find out who has made it through to Sunday's Grand Final.
The results are in for the first Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final. Find out who has made it through to Sunday's Grand Final.
Watch Kate's gravity-defying performance right here.
Make your voice heard for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest by voting for your favourite performers.

How to watch Eurovision 2019

Get behind Kate Miller Heidke from May 16 - 19 on SBS.

Get with the party

It's the party of the year and everyone's invited. 

Big hair, sequin leotards, lurex onesies, Viking metal and Bubblegum Eurodance anthems: Eurovision never ceases to impress—and watching it deserves a party food lineup...
It’s like being at a concert of your favourite band multiplied by 10.
We take a look through the archives to bring you some of the campest Eurovision acts in history.
"Since we have a Eurovision-election clash on our hands, shouldn't we just combine the two and decide our country's fate through a Eurovision vote?"
Our easy-to-assemble crown won't help you hit those high notes, but it will make you look the part. Get your Eurovision party look right here.