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Listen to Australia's official Eurovision song right here.
The pieces are starting to fall into place for this year’s competition.
Jessica Mauboy performed on the world stage as a guest in 2014, but this time… she’s chasing Eurovision glory.
The 2017 Eurovision Song contest was interrupted mid-song by a man jumping on the stage and mooning the audience. Despite wearing an Australian flag, the man was...
Australia’s Isaiah has placed ninth in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final.
The results are in for the second Semi Final. Here's who's made it through to the last stage of the song contest.

Eurovision 2017 on SBS

Everything you need to know about watching Eurovision 2017

Give artists the thumbs up or thumbs down while watching the nightly broadcasts of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.
With a long, crazy history of memorable acts, we're looking back on Australia's favourite top 40 Eurovision songs. What will be #1?
Myf Warhurst is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to the art of sound and song. Using her keen musical insights she shares who she thinks will make the Top 10...
Your guide on where you can watch the Eurovision semi-finals and grand final on TV, streaming live, and listen to it on the radio.
Make your voice heard for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest by voting for your favourite performers.
SBS Radio kicks off Eurovision celebrations early with SBS Eurovision Radio, a non-stop soundtrack to the world's biggest song contest, broadcasting 24-hours a...
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Isaiah Firebrace

The artist representing Australia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

It’s official. Isaiah Eurovision is through to the Eurovision final this Sunday.
What happened when the two Aussie Eurovision competitors came face to face?
Isaiah Firebrace took to the red carpet ahead of the official Eurovision 2017 opening ceremony.
Here are the performers who shaped our Eurovision hero.
In the lead-up to Eurovision, have a listen to the songs he’s nailed.
Isaiah has the right credentials for modern day Eurovision contestants - he won a reality TV talent show.
Isaiah Firebrace has taken to the stage at Eurovision in Kyiv with some staging that has wowed those in the crowds watching on.

Music and Culture

The colourful culture and the politics that surround the Eurovision Song Contest.

A naked bum, a giant moon, enough solo violinists to give a philharmonic conductor a heart attack? This is the Eurovision Grand Final.
The style of Eurovision 2017 was more cool than kitsch where hipsters and monochrome ruled.
What’s with the ‘Big 5’? Why do they split countries into the Semi Finals? Here's your guide to the big Eurovision questions.
Eurovision host Joel Creasey is ready for a good time in Kyiv. And nothing, not even homophobia, is going to bring him down.
Planning a trip to attend Eurovision? Here's how to get the most out of the host city.
It took a long time for Australia to fully embrace Eurovision.
Our love of taking the mickey is one reason Australia fits in so well at Eurovision.

Eurovision Politics

The fiery politics of Eurovision are often just as compelling as the music itself.

Who votes for who and why...
Why did Gigliola Cinquetti find herself banned in 1974?
While the music is a blast, the real tension in Eurovision is the voting.
At Eurovision, the voting may be fierce, but the relationships between the artists are usually loving and supportive. Regular Eurovision attendee Blair Martin...
Eurovision watchers know that there is just as much tension behind the scenes, in the build-up to the event, as there is on stage.

Artist Spotlight

So many Eurovision artists have a great story to be told. 

Fan favourite Salvador Sobral won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest for Portugal over the weekend, but battled complications with a serious heart condition during the...
He has a sax. And he's remarkably epic on stage with it. We explore the Eurovision phenomenon that is 'Epic Sax Guy'.
The Eurovision veteran IMRI won this year’s “Rising Star” singing competition and the ticket to represent Israel in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.
A white guy in a robe singing about nirvana, mantras, and dancing with a gorilla? If you think Italy's Eurovision entry looks like a mockery, you're right. But...
Croatia's representative to Eurovision 2017 is breaking the mold, promising a singing style very different to anything that the country has presented since it...
Double trouble - watch out for these pairs in this year's competition.
'In Too Deep' by Tijana Bogicevic is a modern song, full of energy, something different and unexpected from Serbia.

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