European clubs have been monitoring Hoole 'for over a year'

Several European clubs have been monitoring Andrew Hoole for over a year with the Newcastle Jets winger set to clinch a contract with a strong finish to the season, his agent says.

Andrew Hoole

Newcastle Jets winger Andrew Hoole Source: Getty Images AsiaPac

Hoole's agent, Joel Grenell, told The World Game several clubs were circling but just wanted to be convinced of the winger's consistency before making offers when the transfer window to opens in July.

"Last year a lot of clubs said 'yeah, there's a lot of potential there, but we still need to see a bit more'," Grenell said.

"So that's why there has been a bit more of a push this year to get him under the notice of a lot more clubs and so far he has done enough to get a fair bit of interest.

"There's nothing on the table as yet... they can't sign players until July 1, so there are a lot of clubs very interested but it's a waiting game.

"The clubs just want to watch the rest of the season to see how he goes over the next few weeks.

"But that's pretty much the only thing that can stand in the way of Andrew getting a contract, not finishing off the season well."

Newcastle made the 23-year-old winger an offer to re-sign for next season, but after the club and player couldn't reach an agreement on a transfer fee in case an overseas bid came, the club withdrew the offer.

Danish Superliga clubs including AaB Fodbold, where former Newcastle coach Scott Miller is among the assistant coaches, are reportedly interested in Hoole, as well as clubs from Belgium and Norway.

The UK isn't a option for Hoole, who would need to hold an EU passport and to have played 75 per cent of Socceroos fixtures in the preceding two years.

"We've been working for at least 12-to-18 months on having clubs watch him and monitor how he's been going," Grenell said.

"Andrew's passport situation doesn't allow him to go into the UK to play. He has an Australian passport only and isn't playing for the Socceroos and that makes it quite tough.

"Other countries are a bit more lenient when it comes to Australian players, which is why a lot of the boys start in Holland and Belgium before they break into the Socceroos.

"He can go to Scandinavia and Holland, we've been in contact with clubs there, and there's also potential for Germany, but we haven't really looked too closely there yet. It's more Holland, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries that are showing good, solid interest."

Hoole, established himself as a rising star at the Jets, but his progress looked to have stalled after his ill-fated switch Sydney FC.

Since returning to the Jets he's gone from strength to strength. 

But some critics have suggested Hoole isn't ready, or isn't good enough, to make an overseas move. Grenell dismissed those suggestions as rubbish.

"There are nine other clubs apart from the Jets in Australia, there are 900-plus overseas," he said. "You can't tell me there aren't a number of clubs that would be interested in Andrew Hoole.

"They (critics) are always going to say a player might not be ready for this or that reason, but was Awer Mabil ready to leave Adelaide? Some people would have said no about him as well, but he has gone and done it (in Denmark).

"Let the boys have a go. Andrew has just got to finish the season strongly, like any player who wants to make such a move.

"We've got a number of clubs who are willing to pay for him to go over to Europe so they can have a look at him in the flesh and I think anyone who has ever trained with Andrew can tell you he's one of best trainers we've seen, so we're pretty confident."

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Published 16 March 2017 at 9:47am
By Greg Prichard