Jurman has 'fear' warning for defenders against Sydney

Matt Jurman has a warning for A-League defenders across the board in the wake of Sydney's FC's big win over Western Sydney Wanderers - the Sky Blues' attackers are going to strike fear into your hearts on a regular basis.


Matt Jurman in action for Sydney FC in the 2016-2017 round 1 derby Source: Getty Images

Fortunately for Jurman, he won't have to worry about trying to stop them from scoring, since he is their team-mate as a central defender for the Sky Blues.

He told The World Game he was confident that as long as the rest of the players in the team did their part to defend and get the ball forward, the players in the front third would do the rest.

"Up front they really did the job for us against Wanderers and I think any defence will be scared to come up against our attack, the way they're playing at the moment and the way they can play," Jurman said.

The beauty for Sydney FC is that they have so many players competing for the four spots in the attacking third.

Filip Holosko, Bobo, David Carney and Milos Ninkovic started in the 4-0 win over Wanderers at ANZ Stadium on Saturday night. Captain Alex Brosque and Matt Simon came off the bench and Bernie Ibini wasn't included in the squad.

Brosque, who is coming back from a severe hamstring injury that ruined last season for him, said he was happy to come off the bench for the time being. He scored the last of the goals against Wanderers, with Holosko, Bobo and holding midfielder Brandon O'Neill coming up with the others.

"I knew midweek, after having a chat to 'Arnie' [coach Graham Arnold] about it all, that I'd be coming off the bench," Brosque said.

"The reality is I'm not 90 minutes match fit at the moment and the team has been playing good football in the trials and FFA Cup, so for me it's about being patient and doing my thing when I get the chance.

"Wanderers started coming at us a little bit when we were two-nil up and Arnie sent me on to give us some fresh legs and try to get the boys going again and if that's going to be my role early on, so be it. There's no need to change things at the moment and I'm happy to do my bit that way."

Jurman said everyone in the team was under pressure to keep performing because of the depth of quality in the squad.

He was the club's player of the year last season but had not started in any of the three FFA Cup games because of an early-season back injury which put him back down the list while he recovered and then worked on conditioning.

"I'm like anyone else, I want to be playing every game," Jurman said. "I wasn't really sure if I'd be playing against Wanderers, but I got the call and I loved being out there in front of a big crowd and I'd love to stay there, so I need to be playing well week in, week out.

"There is stiff competition for places and you could be out of there straight away if you have a bad game, so while it's a good start we're all looking to build on this performance and this result and see how far we can go with this team."

Star winger Ibini was desperate to play against Wanderers after not having played for 15 months because of a badly broken leg and torn ankle ligaments sustained in a training session just after he had joined Club Brugge in Belgium.

He is very close, but Arnold obviously had the luxury of leaving him out for another week while he continues to work hard at training and decisions like that are made easier because of the depth and competition for places.

"No-one can relax and think they've wrapped up a spot in this team," Brosque said.

"Bernie Ibini is waiting, Seb Ryall only got on right at the end against Wanderers and he's a great player in defence, and Milos Dimitrijevic wasn't used at all off the bench.

"That's how tough the competition is for places, but the thing is that within the squad everyone understands the end goal and there's no animosity among the players who are competing for positions.

"I was prepared to come off the bench and play whatever role I could and as long as the boys can keep going the way they're going there will be options for Arnie, which is great."

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Published 9 October 2016 at 1:53pm
By Greg Prichard