What qualifies as “secondhand harm” when it comes to alcohol?
Anxiety is a slow burn that nags away at you, like an ongoing low level of manageable panic. A panic attack seems to erupt out of nowhere and overtakes you.
Staring at our phones and ignoring people has become our new normal, which is probably also why we have forgotten how to be around our own species.
Being South Asian is such a big part of my identity and has shaped so much about me that having that in common with my kids was something I really wanted.
“Bond is still Bond but he’s having to learn to deal with the world of #MeToo.”
Jack Higgins was onstage to receive his high school diploma.
“He told me he was going to cut me up, and that was pretty standard, and he was going to use forceps, which are like tongs.”

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I open my eyes, I am standing, the old people, the ones before - we stand side by side. My family.
This is an extract from 'Sweatshop Women: Volume One', edited by Winnie Dunn.
As I started lifting, I remembered the Vietnamese women who displayed strength in my family, carrying heavy baskets of produce to sell at market, carefully...
Australia also has a singularity at the centre of our justice system, a black hole that disproportionately drags in men of colour.
Frozen foods are integral to my experience as a working-class Vietnamese-Australian, and I take pride in knowing that few outside Australia eat the same things.
We wanted to reclaim the food tradition of our ancestors and honour it.
Growing up in large American cities taught me so much about adapting to new environments, but none of it prepared me for daily life in regional NSW.

Emerging Asian-Australian Writers

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For many trans people, changing their name is an important part of embodying identity. But what if your name also carries your cultural heritage?
I’m beginning to say my name the way my mum utters it. I’m reclaiming my accent and it’s drawing me closer to my identity as Filipino-Australian.
No matter how hard I tried, the ‘Asian points’ I couldn’t get were the ones tied to a family and cultural upbringing I never had.
Slowly, I learnt to appreciate the rhythm of my father’s garden. I learnt to appreciate his patience and the growing of food as an act of love and generosity.
The library gave Dad and me a safe space to exist outside our roles at home. I learnt about Dad’s tastes in films and books. I also learnt he likes to take his...
Our struggles, while not all the same, are interconnected.
I was raised in and still live with a strict Filipino Catholic family where my options are straight or straighter. The compartmentalisation required to keep my...

Multi-faith Voices

Highlights from some of the most exciting emerging Muslim Australian writers.  

Mental health professionals are not immune from internalising social assumptions and stereotypes about Muslims.
The truth is, inclusivity and diversity have become a new metric of success for multi-billion dollar companies.
I watched as my father hammered multiple bullets into my mother’s flesh. In that moment, the world I knew completely vanished from existence.
For many Muslims, Ramadan and Eid can be a time that is bittersweet.
Having small children has cured me of artistic perfectionism. If I want perfection, then I will never create anything.
My mother was afraid of being labelled a bad mother and, at the same time, embarrassed about how the abuse would be perceived and racialised by outsiders.
I want her to know that her determination is a gift she can harness, and not an inconvenience to me.
Get Clean with Yumi Stynes

The term clean money is gathering momentum, but what is it? Where did it come from? And how do we become part of the clean money revolution, which might in fact save the world.

The Handmaid's Tale

Season 3 is airing on Thursdays at 9:30pm. All episodes will be available to stream weekly on SBS On Demand.

For black people these stories do not have to be imagined as a dystopian future.
In the latest episode, Serena Joy, one of the fiercest supporters of Gilead is forced to contend with her own marginalisation in the system she helped create.
In the first season and for most of the second she was an easy woman to hate. But now it is not so simple to hate Serena Joy.
Women like Aunt Lydia exist and have always existed. In the show she is an enforcer; in real life we can recognise her as the moral campaigner.
If you think the Republic of Gilead is a work of fiction, think again.
One theory is that it actually gives us a boost.
Watching the TV show I was pleasantly surprised by the dramatic growth in LGBTQI+ representation.

Medicine or Myth?

Medicine or Myth? follows everyday Australians as they pitch their diverse and sometimes divisive health remedies to a panel of medical experts, led by Dr Charlie Teo, in the hope of being selected for a real-world trial.


#MedicineorMyth eight-week series starts on Monday 20 May at 8.30 pm on SBS and SBS On Demand.

It feels strange to see so much of the South Asian foods I grew up with re-appropriated as overpriced hipster 'superfoods'.
Zayt al-baraka, which is essentially black cumin oil, is commonly used for its health benefits in Arabic communities - with some calling it the "oil of abundance"...
What made one of the country's top neurosurgeons squirm in his seat?
The experience of period pain is as old as fertility itself. Here’s how women used to treat menstrual cramping before they reached for Dr Google or modern over...
Queensland mother of three Michelle Shellshear was fed up with buying deodorants that never alleviated her sweat or body odour. So she made her own.
Tapping may seem like a far-fetched form of energy healing. But as new SBS series 'Medicine or Myth?' discovers, it might actually be a valid way to relieve your...
Nits are one of the most dreaded scourges of parenthood.


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A cwtch is sort of like a hug, but so much more.
Almost 25 years after the notorious New Zealand 'Camp David' cult disbanded, former child member Serafina Tané,now 41, reflects on rebuilding her life after a...
It is Blak women that continue to show up where Mum could not. It was local Aboriginal women who rallied around Mum when she got sick.
In Every Family Has a Secret, journalist Michelle White delves into her mother’s past to find answers to a four-decade-old mystery.
No matter how hard Nanna tried to scrape together money once she was grown, she never got to see her mother again. She lost her mother, country, culture, and...


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The love that I found with Laz and the public acknowledgement of our relationship has helped me finally leave the psychological room I had constructed for myself.
Being South Asian is such a big part of my identity and has shaped so much about me that having that in common with my kids was something I really wanted.
My dadi passed away not knowing who I was and I still regret it.
Queer people are harnessing the platform's new 'close friends' feature as a way of re-writing the rules.
“So proud to join the ranks of digital content moguls as the first trans woman to call her own creative shots at a major content company.”
It was a simple acknowledgement of new love, and those who were really happy to hear about it.
My partner’s understanding and acceptance of every aspect of me has helped me to accept myself too.


Parenting for modern families: new rules for a new age.

Having small children has cured me of artistic perfectionism. If I want perfection, then I will never create anything.
Making Mama’s lentil soup makes me feel warm inside. This validation and nourishing of myself is what truly comforts.
Singer Casey Donovan has "a newfound respect" for herself.
The library gave Dad and me a safe space to exist outside our roles at home. I learnt about Dad’s tastes in films and books. I also learnt he likes to take his...
The right age to start the sex ed conversation is when a child is interested enough to ask.
I can only hope that I have broken the cycle of trauma with my children.
In the last days of her life, in the confines of her bed, Earl Grey tea represented freedom, comfort and feeling almost human.


Let's talk about it all: from love and dating to divorce and estrangement (and everything in between).

The best platonic relationships are often accidental feats of circumstance and chemistry.
How could something that made me feel so empowered be something that I was ashamed of?
Gaslighters excel at manipulation, making it more difficult for victims to get help.
It turns out you don't have to be particularly interesting to have a meaningful conversation.
My new tinder profile will read ‘happily single, seeking same’ with an Arab emoji next to the crescent.
"[My kids] were born who they are and exactly where in the world both of them get to find themselves as they grow up, and who they want to be, is not for me to...
My whole life I’d had the impression that an Egyptian husband was their biggest dream for me. Someone who shared our values, language and culture.

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