Even when I know my work is done, I can’t let go of the feeling that there’s more I could be doing.
"I always say one of my favorite things about myself is that I’m half-Filipino but I don’t look like it."
Yet it wasn’t lost on me that anger is an emotion that women are often punished for exhibiting. Perhaps this is why the second season of Jessica Jones proves so...
For those who feel lost, bereft, or disconnected from meaning, living abroad can promise deliverance. But it can just as likely present new struggles.
"We are made numb in pop culture to female bodies remaining background to male-centered action."
So if not energy, muscles or the loo, where does fat go?
In a new interactive installation, six refugees share their stories, one item at a time.


Meet our columnists. They've got strong views on all things. Their words may (or may not) change the world.

For people of colour, there's a larger prerequisite for success: opportunity.
My doctor's reassurance post surgery, confirmed fertility is at the forefront of treating women with endometriosis. But it isn’t the goal for all of us, and this...
'Annihilation' is just the latest in a long line of Hollywood whitewashing characters of colour.
Michaelia Cash represents a kind of female archetype women of colour are used to dealing with.
There is one phrase that I’ve heard spoken by female acquaintances and colleagues, both within the workforce and in casual settings, that annoy and confound me...


Here's how you can nourish the mind, body and soul. No empty calories here.

Life on a bridging visa

Experts claim Australia’s future economic prosperity inevitably depends on increasing its intake of skilled migrants, but those already living and working here remain...
Lonely people took longer to fall asleep than non-lonely people, slept for a shorter time, and had “greater daytime dysfunction.”
Sometimes, it’s ok to be alone – and, in a few cases, it can actively be better.
From reel to real: how a lifetime fed on a diet Bollywood sari romances gave Rashida Tayabali warped expectations of romance.
How do you maintain the motivation to succeed when you've surpassed your personal best?
Camouflaging physical and emotional symptoms of autism can help female sufferers maintain their relationships and careers, but those gains often come at a heavy...
Obsessively checking our smartphone apps may look like addiction but, for most people, it is reinforced behaviour that could be broken without severe or long...

Muslims Like Us

What does it mean to be a Muslim in modern Australia?


Ten Australian Muslims from diverse backgrounds move in to a house for eight days. 


Catch up on 'Muslims Like Us' on SBS On Demand.

"I had to have a really defiant nature and kind of stubborn nature to fight through the walls of opinions, particularly what other people in my family told me was...
Having embraced a more fundamental form of Islam as a teen, Aisha Novakovich, 32, has now stopped viewing the world in "black and white".
'The Lebs' author Michael Mohammed Ahmad wants to reclaim the narrative around Arab and Muslim men.
"I feel invisible because I can’t express myself, how I feel, or who I love without needing to defend and explain myself. So, I just keep quiet and unseen."
How do you go from middle-class Sydney kid to wanting to be a soldier for Islam? Irfan Yusuf reflects on the dysphoria of growing up Muslim in the 1980's and why...
"The women scholars here are even more important than men".

Opening up about my Islamic divorce

In a faith where dating and cohabitation before marriage aren't commonly accepted, what's it like to be a Muslim woman going through a divorce?

31 days in Jordan

Shining a light on daily life in Jordan. Join us on a tour of this amazing country and its people.

Despite years of severe drought, Jordanian farmers are managing to stay afloat because of the efforts of Al-Hima, a not-for-profit NGO focused on environmental sustainability.
Instead of gifting roses this Valentine's Day, Mohammed Atiyeh wants locals to exchange khubaizeh - a native plant - to bring different factions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict together and perhap...
British runner Alfie Pearce-Higgins and Jordanian marathoner Mohammed Al Sweity are the first runners to cross Jordan's new 650 km hiking trail, covering a staggering 650 km in 15 days.
'Shift schools' are helping the influx of Syrian children in Jordan get an education.
“I am proud to be a plumber. My children are proud of me, my husband is proud of me and so are my neighbours."

Health check

Breaking down the latest medical news, global health issues, research and analyses.

People with depression use language differently – here’s how to spot it.
When I try to explain the pain to other people, I generally tell women to imagine the worst period cramps they’ve ever had, multiply that by five, and then...
The symptoms arrived all at once: a web of quivering lines replaced the interstate behind us, a jag of sharp pain cut across my right temple. A nausea so deep my...
A new study has found dog ownership can enhance wellbeing, providing routine, purpose and companionship.
Rohingya girls and young women living in refugee camps are having to deal with cultural stigma, no medication for cramps and a constant shortage of pads and clean...
Contraception needs to take women's overall wellbeing into account, not just efficacy statistics.
For the first time, some Australian women will be eligible to collect their own sample for cervical screening. While it's not as accurate as one from a GP or...


Let's talk about it all: from love and dating to divorce and estrangement (and everything in between). #LookMeInTheEye

Being open about what was going on with me and talking about it ended up easing some of the anxiety that I’d had about the situation — which, in turn, ended up making...
Lonely and alone on a Saturday night, I started scrolling through OkCupid and, out of boredom and curiosity, expanded my search options to include users anywhere...
In Sweden, progressive gender dynamics can lead immigrant women to leave their husbands and become independent.
Humans are not “wired” to find one — and only one — person attractive for their entire lives.
Romance often involves a bit of pursuit—someone has to make a move, after all. And there’s certainly a spectrum of pursuit: Sometimes supposedly romantic gestures...
Demographically, single people are more powerful than ever before.
Will gender equality change our dating preferences?


Parenting for modern families: new rules for a new age.

My love of stories may have been ignited by my Chinese background, but I feel as though the same cultural upbringing has also prevented me from accessing any of my...
Specific guidelines for teenage girls are needed to stamp out cyberbullying.
Raised on pork, adobo and eggs and rice, Maz Valcorza's family struggled to understand her choice to become vegan.
New mum Kimberley Gillan shares why hearing parenting horror stories and expecting the worst worked in her favour.
It’s back to school this week, and back to sanity for many parents. Ian Rose reflects on the thankless job of teachers managing classrooms of kids.
"Growing up as a teenager, the world made it impossible for me to simply exist as a human with breasts."
Reading encourages kids to use their imagination, exposing them to new worlds and ideas. Here are our best picks for picture books to open your child's world to...

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