"How do I talk about sex in such a public way, in an artistic way without thinking 'oh my god this is going to bring such shame on my community?'"
The story of Taboo, a regular drag show which revitalised a struggling bowls club in Ipswich, is the focus of a new Untold Australia documentary on SBS, Bowled Over.
The couple also spoke about their diverse family unit, which includes children Ella and Cole from Emhoff's first marriage.
I was called a monkey, often. It didn’t help that I was also an early bloomer, fully bearded by the time I was playing in the Under 16s. When I told the other...
"I always felt I was queer – I was just looking for my queer circus, and I found it."
“In fitness classes, instructors skip right over it. They go straight from the core to the legs.”

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The SBS Emerging Writers' Competition Winner 2020
Alana Hicks tells us about her winning entry for the SBS Emerging Writers' Competition 2020 and what writing the story meant to her.
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Of more than 2000 entries submitted to the inaugural Emerging Writers' Competition these are the top four prizewinning stories, as judged by Melissa Lucashenko and Benjamin Law. 


SBS Emerging Writers’ Competition Winner: Alana Hicks.


How it feels to be a First Nations person inside a colonial education system
Emerging Writers’ Competition Highly Commended: Amy Duong.
Emerging Writers’ Competition Highly Commended: Nakul Legha.
Four winners have been chosen from thousands of entries into the inaugural SBS Emerging Writers' Competition. Read more about their writing journey and what...

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"Wednesday's events could have been very triggering for you...if you at all feel unsettled in a deep way, (and) your intuition is telling you something is not right,...
I was called a monkey, often. It didn’t help that I was also an early bloomer, fully bearded by the time I was playing in the Under 16s. When I told the other...
Growing up with a conservative Indian culture, the social norms displayed in period dramas were not dissimilar to the expectations of us as modest girls expected...
Re-gifting can be one of the most environmentally responsible things you can do.
It’s easy for those who have not personally experienced racism to look at ad campaigns and think that a white woman with too much fake tan is unproblematic.
2770, Mount Druitt: It’s a notorious postcode. It's also a creative and complicated place, teeming with stories.
“A lot of my friends moved to the Inner West to be a part of everything. My theory was that if I move to Parramatta it can come to me.”


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I was still going to my new job; I was getting home safely, and I was having normal conversations with friends and colleagues. No one suspected that every time I went...
“There is this idea that addiction is their fault — the rest of us can control it, but those people who can’t are mentally weak.”
If you’re trying to overcome addiction, you don’t need to do it alone.
“A food addiction is almost more exhausting than the drug addiction – you can put the drugs and alcohol down but you can never put down food. You always have to...
Stick thin, sunken eyes, blistered sores, violent rages; how accurate our perceptions of ice addicts? We get the facts from a drug expert.
There is debate on what the most addictive substances are. So why the disparity and what can you do?
Being able to attend from the comfort of my couch has literally been a lifesaver, but for me online meetings miss a crucial ingredient important for my sobriety.



Beyond studies and research, we examine how our health impacts the rest of our lives.  

Never mind that for the last few years, I hadn’t been able to leave my house alone. Here I was going half way across the world by myself.
Is anxiety useful too? And if not, why would my body have evolved an entirely useless response?
I looked at my beautiful baby and I cried about the unfairness of it all. Was I to blame? It should have been me who suffered, not him. Was this my punishment,...
My mother taught me to cook. She was patient with me. She didn’t carry on if I didn’t get it right.
I have gone from being the one looked after (yes, even as a grown woman) to be the one to look after her.
The free YouTube dance-fitness class is a chaotic breed.
A Hula-Hoop basically makes standing exciting.


Celebrating the diversity of the LGBTIQ+ community in Australia.

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“I never liked it when straight-presenting women dominated conversations about bisexuality/pansexuality when I was with women, so I try not to do it now.”
The story of Taboo, a regular drag show which revitalised a struggling bowls club in Ipswich, is the focus of a new Untold Australia documentary on SBS, Bowled Over.
"I always felt I was queer – I was just looking for my queer circus, and I found it."
The experience of welcoming friends that turn into family is a gift all of its own.
My need to blend in followed me throughout primary school, into high school, and well into adulthood. I never wore colour - a black tee was my 'adult life' uniform.
The actor's name has been changed in the credits for 'The Umbrella Academy', 'Tales of the City', 'Flatliners' and 'Tallulah'.
"I thought anything was possible because my mom told me I could become anything."

Sweatshop Collective

A partnership with Western Sydney writers’ collective Sweatshop, now in its second year, showcases stories from diverse perspectives. 


Whilst many queer spaces centre sexual liberation, my birth mum maintains cultural values around sexual modesty.
Mixed heritage is a common reality for modern day Egyptians, who are as ethnically complex as our ancestor, Cleopatra. Yet, like the fabled Queen, we claim and...
Throughout my late teens and early 20s, the first response I usually got when I came out to people was, ‘What does your family think?’
Each cell of our body contains all the habit energies of all generations of ancestors.
Of all the Chens at Sydney Girls, it had to be Vivian and Alice. After what happened last week, I do not want to face them. I go straight into the first cubicle...
This is an excerpt from the author's contribution to the speculative fiction anthology, "After Australia".
Erin Molan’s comments about Pacific Islander names became news recently. It was not the first time writer Christine Afoa had heard names of people from her...

Emerging Asian-Australian Writers

Read stories about love, sexuality, family and mental health by up and coming Asian-Australian voices, in an essay series edited by Candice Chung. 

When my daughter was finally old enough to read my books, I gave her a copy of each one. I have never been more scared about a reader’s feedback my whole life.
Besides affordability, there are other barriers that deter culturally and linguistically diverse Australians from addressing their mental health.
It is a powerful feeling to not only buck the trend, but to undo any prejudice or expectation that I should follow suit in a traditional career path.
To Filipinos, the family tree is always filled with a few extra branches - and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Everything is on the table during our catch ups: Who is having sex whilst working from home? How is everyone coping with their kids? Who might be losing their job?
For many trans people, changing their name is an important part of embodying identity. But what if your name also carries your cultural heritage?
I’m beginning to say my name the way my mum utters it. I’m reclaiming my accent and it’s drawing me closer to my identity as Filipino-Australian.

Emerging Muslim women writers

Highlights from some of the most exciting emerging Muslim Australian writers.  

I missed out on the joy of swimming carnivals as a kid, but here is how I am now making up for lost time.
Growing up, I never saw anyone like me in the media or saw any (non-villainous) Muslim characters in TV shows or movies.
Black Lives Matter is forcing important conversations about race. But what we won’t voice, is that we too, the non-black Muslim community, have absorbed anti...
For me it starts, with being unapologetically proud of being a Pakistani-Muslim Indigenous woman. It starts by sharing our stories and celebrating who we are.
Did you ever in your most outlandish dreams think you would make it to the land down under? I hope I can make you proud after all you have sacrificed for me.
Even though we may be physically separated there is something sweet about knowing that cards with my messy handwriting sit in the homes of my friends.
I am an atheist, but I'm also a cultural Muslim and it took me many years of heated debates and a frustrating search for an identity to come to this conclusion.


Parenting for modern families: new rules for a new age.

When your parent dies young, it becomes a harbinger of your own death and I always feared I would not live past 30.
After we had our third child my husband would sometimes feel like a minor celebrity if he chose to walk down the street with all three children in tow.
Living with a partner who suffers from PTSD means that while I have seen my husband make great strides in dealing this his symptoms, I have also learnt that he...
Judgement is being cast upon such a tiny snapshot of their day, a fleeting moment in time.
I know first-hand what he’s going through and it makes it tough as a parent.
We had grandmothers, aunties, uncles and cousins who we saw every week. If it takes a village to raise a child, my parents were never short of helping hands,...
To Filipinos, the family tree is always filled with a few extra branches - and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Let's talk about it all: from love and dating to divorce and estrangement (and everything in between).

As my father paused at a red light, he turned towards me and said, “you’re not allowed to have a boyfriend until you get married”.
My husband and I thought that we would sleep separately until the morning sickness stopped, but it never did.
My father was married, in fact he still is, to a woman he once described as his “best friend” but this woman was not, is not, my mother.
My in-laws only speak Bengali, while my parents only speak Mandarin. To make matters more confusing, my husband and I communicate only in English. At times, the...
It’s hard because you dilute who you are, or at least who you feel safe to be with older friends.
"Here I was thinking that I was a work in progress when in-fact I was a piece of work as I still harboured the same outdated views that my father and his father...
The mothering experience I had growing up was complex, dark and painful and as a result, I developed dysfunctional coping mechanisms.This pain is called the ...

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