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To bring the drama series of the Cleverman to an international audience, permissions and protocols were an important process for concept creator Ryan Griffen

Kirstyn Lindsay
Published on
Monday, June 27, 2016 - 16:56
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The persecution of the Cleverman remains a horrific chapter in the history of genocide of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and traditionally not spoken of, due to protocols within tribal law and council.

The well anticipated drama series The Cleverman, has been viewed by an International audience and features the harmful impacts of colonisation, incarceration, sterilisation and the racial vilification of Indigenous people to an adult audience.

The original concept for this series was based on a children's superhero series Dreamtime Detectives.

The series now delivers a sci-fi futuristic realm that takes us back to the past on many levels.

Concept Creator of The Cleverman series, Ryan Griffen says unless the drama delivered the truth about the issues First Nations people endure, then he couldn't leave this legacy behind for his son.

Kirstyn Lindsay spoke with Gamilaraay (Kamilaroi) writer Ryan Griffen about the protocols he went through to gain permission to produce the Cleverman.