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  • Eme Talastas-Dela Rosa began 'Usapan sa La Mesa' with the intention of creating an open space to discuss decolonization and identity. (Carielyn Tunion)
‘Filipinx’* visual artist and ceramicist, Eme Talastas-Dela Rosa created a campaign entitled ‘Usapan sa La Mesa’.
Nikki Gregorio

15 Jun 2018 - 1:13 PM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2018 - 2:02 PM

The said series of events intends to create an accepting, open space whrein members of the community can discuss issues such as decolonisation, and what it means to be immigrants and settlers on stolen Indigenous land.

The first event, held last June 1 at the Newton Community & Cultural Centre, featured home-cooked Filipino dishes in Eme’s handmade ceramics, as well as a traditional Filipino boodle fight.

At its core, ‘Usapan sa La Mesa’ is about family, acceptance, community and our shared values as Filipinos. The pervasive themes of “kapwa” or being able to see ourselves through others permeated throughout the event.

Eme also makes mention of a “chosen family”, friends and members of the community who are not related to her by blood but who she sees as extended family.

‘Usapan sa La Mesa’ will hold another event at the Newton Community & Cultural Centre on August 3rd.


 *Filipinx – a gender prefix which denotes gender non-binary identity in which “they” or “them” is used as opposed to “he” or “she”’



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