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Salesman helping senior couple shopping for oven in appliance store (Getty Images)

Are you looking for recommendations on where to buy basic home appliances in Australia? Are there cheap and affordable stuff in the market? What must I buy first? Papa Dan answers migrant's frequently asked questions after securing the accommodation deal. 

Claudette Centeno-Calixto, Dan Villanueva
Published on
Sunday, August 12, 2018 - 12:54
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3 basic things you need to have after locking in that house deal with your landlord:

1. Fridge

You need the fridge to store and keep your food safe.


2. Washing machine

You change your clothes every day therefore you need to wash them too. You may opt to go to a laundry shop to do it but it will cost you more money and effort. If you have the washing machine it will be handy to do the laundry.

3. Microwave oven

If you are a working student or an employee working on shift hours and do not have ample time to prepare and cook food, the best option is to heat up food.




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