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Sand Art Gallery brings together some of the world's most prominent sand sculptors (Facebook/Sand Art Gallery )

Just outside Melbourne, there is an Sand Art exhibition that blends sculpture with storytelling. We hear about the exhibition from its owner, Leo Vamvalis who talked to Vasili Ragousi. Interview in Greek. 

Vasilis Ragousis
Published on
Wednesday, December 26, 2018 - 16:49
3 min 45 sec

In Riddel’s Creek, almost an hour’s drive outside Melbourne, lies an enchanted forest.  However there are no trees in this forest, but rather there are sand sculptures.

Sand Art Gallery is an exhibition that brings together the works of the world’s most prominent sand sculptors from a number of countries, such as Canada, Netherlands, Poland. The massive sculptures are connected by more than just a common theme. Together they tell a story.

Who are the creators of the exhibition?

The exhibition is the brainchild of husband and wife team Leo Vamvalis and Rosie Gallicchio. A Greek Australian, Mr Vamvalis is also one of the artists that participate in the gallery, while Mrs Gallicchio is the Gallery’s Art Director.

Mr Vamvalis is self-taught. He originally studied engineering but fell in love with sand sculpting and has been a sculptor for the past sixteen years.  

Blending Art with Storytelling

This is Sand Art’s second year. It started last year when Mr Vamvalis decided to create his own sand gallery, something he wanted for a long time, but decided to give it a twist.

The sculptures are based on creatures from fairy tales and mythology. Rather than steering the artists to a certain direction, they let them loose and devised their own fairytale that connects all the statues together. The story is about a young girl who, along with her pet rabbit, wanders through a magical forest. The gallery follows the young heroine’s journey and her adventures. Mr Vamvalis says visitors will be taken through a magical journey through the enchanted forest. Like walking through a fantasy.

Sand Art will be open until the end of March.  

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