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The highest number of job openings is predicted to be in professional occupations.
Mosiqi Acharya

23 Apr 2018 - 12:02 PM  UPDATED 24 Apr 2018 - 9:27 AM

A study conducted by the National Centre For Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has found teachers, accountants and healthcare workers will account for the majority of professional roles in 2024.

The research report titled 'Future job openings for new entrants by industry and occupation' provides forecasts of job openings by occupation and industry for new entrants to the Australian labour market.

The total number of job openings from 2017 to 2024 will be about 516,600 per year (4.1 million in total), with more than half of these resulting from replacement demand.

The results show employment continuing to shift towards higher-skill jobs in the labour market.

The highest number of job openings, 121,700 per year (973,600 in total), will be in professional occupations.

The second highest, 71,300 per year (570,600 in total), will be for managers. These figures reflect the demand in higher skill levels.

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Among professionals, the highest rate of increase in employment will be for accountants, auditors and company secretaries (2.9% per year), likely due to growth in industries that demand these occupations, the report states.

The researchers also predict a strong growth in demand for midwifery and nursing professionals (2.5 percent per year), in particular, residential care and social assistance, which receives a boost in the model through government expenditure on the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Other occupations also expected to see a growth in demand from the implementation of the NDIS and Australia's ageing population are health and welfare support workers (2.3 percent per year), child carers (2.6 percent per year) and personal carers and assistants (2.4 percent per year).

The demand generated through the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) will mean the demand for ICT and telecommunications technicians will continue to grow strongly (2.2 percent per year).


Among the managers, construction, distribution and production managers had the highest number of job openings, with 10,500 per year (84,000), followed by farmers and farm managers, at 10,100 per year (80,900 total).

Other high numbers of job openings were for business administration managers, with 8,700 per year (70,000 total), and retail managers, with 8,400 per year (66,800 total).


Job openings for technicians and trades workers will be 57,800 annually (total 462,000).

Personal carers and assistants, and hospitality workers are the two largest occupations among the community and personal service workers. Job openings in these two occupations will be 13,600 and 20,400 per year (108,600 and 162,900 in total), respectively.

Job openings for sales workers will be 58,300 per year (total 466,400).

Job openings for checkout operators and office cashiers will be somewhat fewer (9500 per year, 76,400 total).

Job openings for machinery operators and drivers will be 26,100 per year (total 208,500), with 6,800 per year (54,400 total) of these for truck drivers.

Job openings for cleaners and laundry workers will be 12,400 per year (98,900 total).

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