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  • Bussa Krishna from India worships US President Donald Trump like a God (facebook)
Bussa Krishna from the southern Indian state of Telangana is so taken by US President Donald Trump he worships him like a God every single day.
22 Jun 2018 - 2:39 PM  UPDATED 22 Jun 2018 - 11:33 PM

Thousands of miles away from the United States in the southern Indian state of Telangana is a nondescript village called Konne. The remote and quiet village grabbed media attention this week when one resident, a farmer called Bussa Krishna, became the focus of headlines for the photos he was posting on social media of himself worshipping US President Donald Trump as a god. 

Inside Mr Krishna's humble abode, he has installed a distinctive picture of Trump and adorned it with flowers and fruits, along with imagery of traditional Hindu Gods. Every day, without fail, he prays to the photograph and professes his love for Trump.                                                                                                        

The 31-year-old farmer who goes by the name Krish Raju on Facebook posts daily photos and videos of his Trump shrine and the various ways he worships the picture. In a recent video he put up, he was seen washing Trump’s picture with milk - a ritual often performed by Hindus for their gods in temples.

While Trump might be criticised by many within his own country for his rhetoric on religion, immigration and race, this sincere fan is highly impressed with the President's strong persona and the “boldness with which he takes his decisions”.

“I worship him every day after worshipping my favourite Gods," Mr Krishna told the Hindustan Times.

“I believe Indians can win over anyone with their spiritual powers. When you cannot take on a mighty person directly, you can win over him with love and worship and that is what I am doing."

Mr Krishna, who hopes to meet the President in person, claims the US President even tweeted about him on June 19, 2018. However, there is no record of this tweet on Trump's Twitter timeline. 


Other videos and photos posted to his Facebook page include footage of him swimming with the picture, praying to it in open fields and one, where the picture appears to have caught fire from a candle placed too close. 

Some of Mr Krishna's posts on Facebook have struck a chord with other fans of Trump, most of whom appear to be from the US. 

"India people love our President. [B]ecause they know he is not a part of the corrupt global elites. [A]nd he is against NWO [New World Order]," one commenter from New Jersey wrote, referencing the conspiracy theory that believes the powerful elite are secretly plotting to take over the world. 

"Thank you dearly my Indian Friends. As an American Trump supporter since day one I send all you Trump supporters out in India the most positive of vibes, energy, God's blessings [and] white light. I love Indian cuisine, I fin[d] vastu shastra fascinating [and] love the [Bollywood] music videos," another Facebook user from New York wrote. 

Ironically though, according to the Hindustan Times, Mr Krishna knows little about Donald Trump. 

“I only know that he is the most strong and invincible leader in the world. What I liked about him was his bold attitude. Since he took part in World Wrestling Federation (WWF) competitions, he must be very powerful,” the farmer told the Hindustan Times.

Hero-worship is a common phenomenon in the southern part of India where many actors, politicians and even cricketers are not just worshiped, but idolised in temples specially built for them.

Not far from Mr Krishna's village, Shankar Rao, a minister from the adjoining state of Andhra Pradesh built a temple for Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi in 2014.


He went as far as making and installing a nine-foot-tall bronze idol of the leader inside the specially-built temple to express his veneration.

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