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  • The Singh family from London, UK. (Supplied)
The story of a cross-cultural marriage between a UK-based Sikh and a Lithuanian woman has gone viral in the Punjabi diaspora all over the world.
19 Sep 2018 - 6:10 PM  UPDATED 27 Oct 2018 - 11:25 PM

A UK-based family has become an internet sensation after their love story was shared on Facebook earlier this month.

The story with the family’s photograph has since been shared over 1800 times. 

The original Facebook post was shared by Harpreet Singh Jawanda who was keen to tell the ‘heart-warming love-at-first-sight story’.

This post was about the family of Sharanjit Singh Khinda, a London-based Sikh who is married to a Lithuanian woman Donata [Kaur]. They have two children, Anand and Amrit. 

Love, at first sight, may seem not so common, but this couple is among the few who claim that's exactly what happened when they met first.

Mr Singh told SBS Punjabi that he is not a ‘romantic type’ but somehow ‘love’ did happen when he met his wife Donata for the first time.

“When we look back, we realise the importance of that one moment that changed our lives for good,” said Mr Singh.

“Donata is such a lovely person! I can’t praise her enough. She has surprised our family and friends by fully adopting our Sikh values and the Punjabi culture.” 

Mr Singh says that he also tried to show a similar commitment towards the Lithuanian culture.

“I am also trying but it’s nothing compared to her commitment towards our culture and customs. 

Singh family also runs a Facebook page ‘Amrit, Anand and family’ which aims to spread the message of love and peace.

While talking specifically about the use of social media, Mr Singh says that it’s important that people use it to spread positive thoughts and happiness.

“Our kids are learning a blend of Punjabi and Lithuanian culture. Sharing their videos on social media is just a way of expressing our love to our mother-tongue, mother nature and the values that we’d had from our elders,” adds Mr Singh.

Sharanjit is deeply influenced by the teaching and philosophy of Sikh religion.

“There’s a great saying that religion is like a medicine. You need to ingest it to see its effect.  This is why we need to teach kids to be noble, kind-hearted and as helping as possible,” he says. 

Originally from Kapurthala in Punjab, India, Mr Singh migrated to UK 14 years ago.

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