US President Barack Obama has described climate change as one of the key challenges of our time as he announced the first ever limits on US power plant emissions.
Ex-trader Tom Hayes was sentenced to 14 years in jail by a London court on Monday after being found guilty of conspiring to rig Libor benchmark interest rates...

Speaker race could narrow to one

As the dust settles from the Bronwyn Bishop expenses saga, Liberal MPs are weighing up their chances of taking on the Speaker's role.

RBA tipped to leave rates on hold

All 16 economists surveyed by AAP expect the cash rate to remain steady in August, and 12 are tipping no move this year.
Greece's stock market suffered heavy losses, plunging nearly 23 percent at the open before recovering slightly, after a five-week shutdown brought on by fears the...
Barnacles encrusted on a piece of plane debris that washed up on the French island of Reunion might help unravel the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight...
A Twitter bot that offered suggestions when people used the term ‘illegal immigrant’ has been suspended by Twitter.

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Debate continues around if and how indigenous people should be recognised in the constitution as the prime minister rejects indigenous-only conventions.
Adam Goodes appears set to continue his AFL career after Sydney coach John Longmire announced he will return to training with the Swans on Tuesday.
Peak Australian sporting bodies have expressed their alarm at new doping allegations that have rocked the world’s athletics community.
Australian daredevil Robbie Maddison rode an actual motorbike in huge surf off Teahupoo in Tahiti, catching waves and surviving.
It's a prejudice that's been outlawed in India. But now it seems caste discrimination could be creeping into daily life in Australia.
Ali Imron apologises during his first ever meeting with the victims’ loved ones, to be shown on Tuesday in the concluding part of Dateline’s Meet the Terrorists...
Piggie the echidna has been found safe in her Gold Coast home and a man has been assisting police with inquiries, two days after her theft.

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An award for statesmanship previously given to India's Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela has been awarded to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un.
Authorities in Papua New Guinea have intercepted a Thai fishing boat carrying human trafficking victims from Myanmar and Cambodia.
EXCLUSIVE: The imaginary spear that Adam Goodes was criticised for 'throwing' as part of a war cry he performed during a game at the AFL Indigenous round in May,...
A deer taking shelter in a backyard swimming pool on the outskirts of southern Sydney after being chased by a dog has been caught on camera.
Australia has earned a global reputation for being tough on asylum seekers with its policies on turning asylum boats around and denying anyone who arrives by boat...
This Education Week, we bring you a range of stories from schools and students around Australia.

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Australia has earned a global reputation for being tough on asylum seekers with its policies on turning asylum boats around and denying anyone who arrives by boat the...
Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and is predicted to rival Christianity in terms of global population by 2050. But, despite popular perception,...
Treasurer Joe Hockey’s suggestion that people should “get a good job that pays good money” in order to buy their first home, sparked a debate about housing...
Syria has become the world's largest source of refugees and Turkey is now the largest host. Find out where refugees and asylum seekers have moved to and where...
The federal government has announced it will withhold childcare benefits for parents who do not vaccinate their children. What areas of Australia have the lowest...
The Queensland community of Logan, in the state's southeast, is getting ready to tell its many stories in a show so big, it won't fit inside.
The New Zealand government invited members of the public to submit flag designs as part of its push to change the nation's flag. Four will be selected out of the thousands submitted and the public will be able to vote on the best one later this year.
From its front desk to the porter, a hotel in southwestern Japan is "manned" almost entirely by robots to save on labour costs.
A U.S. spacecraft sailed past Pluto in the most distant reaches of the solar system on Tuesday, capping a journey of 4.88 billion km that began nine and a half years ago.
This year, SBS is celebrating the 40th anniversary of SBS Radio. What began in 1975 as a three-month experiment with eight languages is now a national multimedia broadcaster, with radio going out in 74 languages, over the airwaves and online.

On location in New Zealand

Go behind the scenes of Alex de Jong's story on New Zealand's changing gang culture.
A newly-refurbished Hello Kitty theme park has opened in China. When it first opened in November 2014, the ambitious amusement park was subjected to a barrage of abuse from critics, who were unimpressed with its design and layout.

In pictures: Pink Sari campaign

A gallery of photos from the Pink Sari campaign in New South Wales.
People around the world have celebrated with pride marches following the US Supreme Court's ruling that same-sex couples would have the right to marry nationwide.

In pictures: Insight in Indonesia

In this special episode, Insight brings you the view from Indonesia.