Calling all craft beer fans – it’s time to test your knowledge of boutique brews, from ingredients to history. So take our quiz to find out where you sit on the craft beer scale of awesomeness
James Squire

15 Jul 2014 - 2:09 PM  UPDATED 24 Jul 2014 - 2:50 PM

Quizzes and beer go together like Instagram and ‘inspirational’ quotes. So surely it’s time to put together a quiz about beer (or about craft beer, to be more precise). Bragging rights await the successful – particularly anyone who knows what ‘cenosillicaphobia’ means without having to look it up.

1. What do hops add to craft beer?
a. Aroma
b. Flavour
c. Bitterness
d. All of the above

2. Which hops are featured in the new James Squire Hop Thief 6 American-style Pale Ale?
a. Galaxy and Ella
b. Citra and Centennial
c. Simcoe and Columbus
d. Vic Secret and Enigma

3. What are the three ingredients allowed by the original ‘Reinheitsgebot’ (aka the German Beer Purity Law?)
a. Water, barley and hops
b. Water, wheat and hops
c. Hops, water, corn
d. Hops, water, cane sugar

4. In which year was said Reinheitsgebot enacted by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria?
a. 1316
b. 1416
c. 1516
d. 1616

5. On which ship did James Squire arrive in Australia?
a. Charlotte
b. Friendship
c. Alexander
d. Prince of Wales

6. What is a wit?
a. A German-style wheat beer
b. A Belgian-style wheat beer
c. A particularly sharp-tasting beer
d. A beer that makes you say clever things?

7. When did breweries start selling beer in bottles?
a. 1250
b. 1650
c. 1850
d. 1950

8. Why is beer traditionally preserved in brown bottles?
a. Brown glass is cheaper than any other colour
b. Brown bottles protect beer from light damage
c. Brown bottles look better and aren’t standing on a wall in an irritating song
d. Brown glass gives beer a special flavour

9. What does ABV on beer labels stand for?
a. Australian bittering volume
b. Awesome beer volume
c. Alcohol by volume
d. Adjusted beer volume

10. What does IBU stand for?
a. International beer units
b. Independent beer unbarred
c. International bittering units
d. Industrial beer union

11. Beer is the second most popular beverage in the world. What similarly ancient drink takes the popularity crown?
a. Tea
b. Wine
c. Mead
d. Whiskey

12. When was the first James Squire craft beer released?
a. 1996
b. 1997
c. 1998
d. 1999

13. Who is the patron saint of brewers?
a. St Augustine of Hippo
b. St Arnold of Soissons
c. St Francis of Assisi
d. St Chuck of Camperdown

14. Cenosillicaphobia is…
a. Fear of alcohol
b. Feat of hops
c. Fear of yeast
d. Fear of an empty beer glass

1 – d; 2 – c; 3 – a; 4 – c; 5 – a; 6 – b; 7 – c; 8 – b; 9 – c; 10 – c: 11 – a; 12 – c; 13 – b; 14 – d.

1 to 4 answers right: well, you tried…
5 to 8 answers right: promising signs…
9 to 12 answers right: you have officially earned the right to walk with a bit of a strut…
13 to 14: songs are being written about you, roads are being named after you, and, if there’s any justice in the world, a craft beer will be brewed in your honour…