• Is a Pikachu in the hand worth twice one in the phone? (Instagram)Source: Instagram
Pikachu as a doughnut has gone viral (what a surprise!). Check it out - and these other trends in our favourite sweet-snack-with-a-hole.
Chloe Papas

1 Aug 2016 - 2:42 PM  UPDATED 2 Aug 2016 - 3:46 PM

Forget cinnamon, forget double glaze, and check your sprinkles at the door - the days of classic doughnuts are over. Australian cafes and bakers are decking out their menus and social feeds with weird and wonderful doughnut designs, and we’re not talking about cronuts.

Check out these Pokemon themed doughnuts from prolific Insta-baker Vickie Liu – the post received over 15k likes overnight, and the kudos keeps coming. So, if you can’t find Pikachu inside your phone, go chomp on his face at Melbourne’s Darling Cafe where these bad boys are in stock. Gotta eat ‘em all. 


Vickie Liu tells SBS "they weren’t too difficult to make". "I usually sketch out a design before I bake something new, so that definitely helps with the decorating process.

"I love the creativity behind the baking and decorating process. However, sharing my work, whether through photos, blog posts online, or providing desserts for events, is also extremely rewarding!"

If Pokemon isn’t your deal, perhaps the galaxy trend will be your (space) jam. Galactic treats are on the up, and the starry doughnuts fascination began with these beautiful treats from Iranian baker Heidi Gh. Aussie fans have followed suit with their creations, ranging from doughnuts to ice creams with a celestial glow.

It has to be said that cute critters really lend themselves to doughnuts. Case in point (also by Vickie Liu): 


Love doughnuts? Love ice cream? Of course you do. Following a trend that we like to call ‘sticking waffle cones into things,’ Sydney based doughnut delivery service Grumpy Donuts have you covered.  

If that's all too out there, never fear doughnut lovers. Pastel colour schemes are also a favourite among sweet treat creators - and don't they provide a palette perfect for photographing:


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