• Featured: Senator Sam Dastyari digging into a halal snack pack. (Twitter)Source: Twitter
Attention vegans! Now you too can tuck into the tasty, occasionally controversial Halal Snack Pack.
Shami Sivasubramanian

7 Oct 2016 - 5:14 PM  UPDATED 7 Oct 2016 - 5:21 PM

For too long, vegetarians and vegans have been denied an iconic Aussie classic - the Halal Snack Pack.

Served at most corner kebab shops, the Halal Snack Pack features a box of hot chips topped with chunks of kebab meat (all Halal of course), melted cheese, and then generously coated in a range of flavoursome sauces including tahini, sriracha, and barbeque. The popular meal in a box made headlines on election night this year when NSW Labor senator Sam Dastyari floated a cheeky offer to Pauline Hanson to take her out for a delicious Halal Snack Pack. 

A group of friends eating a halal snack pack.

Of course, the dish's meat and dairy components have always made it impossible for vegans to enjoy. But now things have changed.

Lord of the Fries, the vegan burger and fries franchise, has expanded its menus to include a "Vegan Halal Snack Pack". The new addition features garlic hommus in lieu of garlic tahini sauce and fake meat made from soy proteins. 

So far, Australians have reacted favourable to the vegan pack. 

However, one non-vegan Halal Snack Pack connoisseur says she felt the vegan version paled in comparison to the original dish.

"Now look, it’s by no means a regular snackie," says BuzzFeed Australia's Michelle Rennex. "There was no cheese, it was oddly sweet, the chips were like Macca’s fries, and the garlic sauce was actually garlic hummus, but it was nice in its own weird way."

Well, vegan or otherwise, we know one person who definitely won't be trying the new super inclusive snack pack.


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