How many cups of tea does it take to change a light bulb? Just kidding.
Chloe Papas

4 Nov 2016 - 1:21 PM  UPDATED 4 Nov 2016 - 1:21 PM

The past few years have seen the world drinking cocktails out of jam jars, soft drinks out of delicate vintage tea cups, and - in the case of a few select people - beers out of shoes.  

But, we’ve found something even better (and undoubtedly more hygienic) than the shoey. Ever wanted to drink your bubble tea from a light bulb? Probably not - but by the end of this article, you just might.

Okay, so maybe they aren’t actual light bulbs from your local Bunnings - more like plastic bottles shaped like light emitting devices.

The novelty bottles are popping up all over social media, with bubble tea lovers flocking to a  tea shop in Sydney to have their own light bulb moments.

It all started when the founders of milk and bubble tea venue Holy Shake decided to serve their drinks a little differently to other similar stores.

“The idea actually started in Taiwan, selling milk and bubble teas in special bottles,” says co-founder Jason Su.

“We are the first in Australia to use the light bulbs, and I think most people have never seen them before.” 

Light bulb drinks are already a bit of a ‘thing’ in other major foodie districts, with milkshakes in New York and matcha tea in Toronto seeing some serious Internet traction.

But as usual, Australia is quickly catching up. Holy Shake only opened three months ago and already have plans to open two more stores - another in Sydney and one in Melbourne - due to their success.

“People love it so much, they post it all over social media - Instagram, Facebook - and we’ve been quite surprised at the reaction,” says Su.

One of those Instagram posts came from prolific Australian food ‘grammer Li-Chi Pan, who has embraced the trend and started trialling her own light bulb creations. 

“What's not to love about drinks served in light bulb bottles?” Pan tells SBS.

“I'm all about innovation and creativity! I think it's an awesome idea as opposed to drinking tea out of a conventional plastic cup.”

When it comes to novelty bottles, Holy Shake’s range doesn’t stop at classic light bulbs; they also have light bulbs with actual lights at the bottom, and bottles in the shape of bodies. 

The founders originally thought the body bottles would be the more popular choice, but Su says that the Australian public can’t go past the light bulbs.

They are currently importing the plastic bottles from Taiwan, where a similar bubble tea product is sold - but not by human hands.

“In Taiwan, they sell the novelty bottles in a self-serve machine,” explains Su. “The bottles are prepared beforehand, you put coins in, and then you get your drink.”

We’re probably a little while off light bulb bubble tea in vending machines in Australia, but who knows.... 

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