• Action Bronson with Ben Shewry in Melbourne. (Viceland)
When F*ck That’s Delicious hits Australian shores, the big man cuts loose like never before.
Shane Cubis

6 Jan 2017 - 11:50 AM  UPDATED 11 Jan 2017 - 11:26 AM

Action Bronson is not a man to do anything by halves. Every adventure he takes around this planet is designed for maximum fulfilment of his myriad appetites. So when the rapper/gourmand boarded a flight from New York to Australia, our nation prepared to have its stores of great food, incredible wine, eardrum fortitude and marijuana crops sorely tested. Naturally, Action didn’t disappoint.

Note: As the show name suggests, yep, you will hear plenty of profanities tossed around while watching Action and co. Season 2 of F*ck That’s Delicious starts 8.30pm Monday January 9 on SBS ViICELAND with the crew's visit to Australia, before heading to New Zealand, Italy, Hawaii, Copenhagen and several cities in the US in following weeks. Find screening times on the SBS Guide and catch up on past episodes at SBS On Demand

Working up an appetite the organic way

“For the first time of many times being in Australia, I have amazing weed.” Before he’s taken his first mouthful of Antipodean cuisine, Action sets himself up with a case of the munchies courtesy of a herbaceously enhanced ride across the waters of Sydney Harbour beneath a bright blue sky. How did he get his hands on this amazing weed? “Instagram.”

The ultimate food destination: Cabramatta

Sometimes you need an outsider perspective to smash through stereotypes, and watching Action in Cabramatta certainly does that. Guided by Dan Hong, he and Meyhem Lauren walk into restaurants that could exist in any suburb – brightly lit, tea and chilli and tissue boxes on the table – and sample some of the tastiest-looking cuisine this side of Vietnam. Action’s disgusted when Meyhem knocks back Dan’s recommendation of spicy noodle soup – and even affable Dan looks offended.

What this wine needs is more chicken

Sampling natural wines on a Melburnian rooftop with “motherfuckin’ mad scientist” Kimchi Pete, Action and Meyhem decide the only thing missing from their lives is chicken. While waiting for the food to arrive, Action grows steadily more drunk. By the time he gets to have some of the fried chicken, he’s happily hammered, to the point where he runs a drumstick around the edge of his wine glass as though he’s making the world’s worst salt-rimmed margarita.

Sometimes you have to leave the venue to show your appreciation

After dining on an incredible lamb parpardelle at 10 William St, Action can’t even take it anymore. With a “Hoooooly shit”, he has to immediately leave the premises. Standing outside and gazing up at the stars above Paddington, he waxes lyrical about the deliciousness of lamb and how he comes from Orion’s Nebula. (Yeah, he was pretty hammered on Susucaru wine by that point.)

Eating with the best

In Melbourne, Action meets up with Ben Shewy of Attica: here's a taste of what happens when one of the world's most insatiatiable appetites meets one of Australia's best chefs.  

Razor clams: best served DIY

In case you had the impression that Action is just a customer, he hits the waves in Fremantle to catch his own razor clams. Never a man to hide his enthusiasm under a bushel, he grabs a local kid to explain the wonders of fresh seafood. If that’s not enough to impress you, he also helps Fervor’s Paul Iskov make chorizo from emu meat. Whaaaaat.

F*ck That’s Delicious Season 2 is on Monday nights on SBS Viceland and then on SBS On Demand. Catch up on the new season - plus all of Season 1 - on SBS On Demand now.  Here's Season 2's first episode to get you started:

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