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Will there be avocado coffee?
Yasmin Noone

17 Feb 2017 - 11:23 AM  UPDATED 23 Oct 2017 - 12:20 PM

Amsterdam: it’s the culinary home of mind-altering coffee shop cookies, Dutch pancakes and cheese. And soon, there’ll be another food association the controversial red light city can lay claim to: avocados.

Europe’s first restaurant serving everything avocado, is set to open mid-March in the Netherlands capital.

Aptly titled The Avocado Show, the restaurant will cater for up to 45 diners and eventually be a licensed sit down, table service affair offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. And according to the Facebook page, the establishment will also be open for late-night dining and run home delivery and take away services.

The Avocado Show’s Ron Simpson tells SBS that although most restaurants include avocado on the menu, his establishment will focus on it.

“We love mono restaurants and we love avocados,” says Simpson. “Nutritious, versatile, fun and goes with everything!"

“Amsterdam is a very cool city with a great combination of awesome locals and tourists who love good food and enjoy life. Healthy, green food is growing over here, so this should work out perfectly.” 

The restaurant’s interior design will also feature a touch of greenery: think of “colourful, good vibes and relaxed atmosphere with lots of plants, wood and a giant pink couch,” he says.

As for the menu: well it hasn’t been released but Simpson tells SBS that diners can expect to eat “stunning avocado dishes, based on classics like the avocado bun, avocado poke bowls, avo-roses on smashed avo on toast extravaganzas”.

“And there will be avo smoothies and shakes too! We have it all.” No word yet on avocado coffees!

The Avocado Show’s Facebook page hints at a few of the dishes that may feature on the menu, with photos of deep fried avocado slices, smashed avocado with egg, herbs and chickpeas on toast, and a bowl of avocado-styled pita bread mixed in with kiwi fruit, edible flowers, banana, passion fruit.

The Avocado Show management says it is currently organising suppliers, waiting for furniture to be delivered and hiring staff to work at the new restaurant. It’s also promoting its fare online, running a lottery-style competition for a group of people to win a taste-testing meal at the restaurant before it opens.

Simpson encourages avo lovers in Australia to stay tuned to its social media pages for the menu’s grand reveal – coming soon – and avo news.

“And if you are in Amsterdam you should always check out De Pijp area and if you love avocado’s you should always check out The Avocado Show.” 

In the meantime, the restaurant's Instagram account is an avocado-lover's paradise.

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