• Bride Paige walked down the aisle holding a bouquet made of doughnuts. (Dessert Boxes / Supplied)Source: Dessert Boxes / Supplied
A bride in Sydney decided to forgo the flowers, and instead hold a bouquet of doughnuts at her wedding over the weekend.
Chloe Sargeant

12 Sep 2017 - 12:56 PM  UPDATED 15 Jan 2018 - 5:37 PM

Paige Kirk married her now-husband Steve in a ceremony in Rydal, NSW over the weekend. Now, her wedding has now gone viral, and has been covered by outlets all across the world. 

Why? Because 23-year-old bride Paige decided that she and her bridesmaids would hold bouquets made from doughnuts, rather than the traditional option of flowers. 

Photos: Supplied via Dessert Boxes.

The bride surprised her bridesmaids with the unique arrangement only minutes before she was set to walk down the aisle, and the moment was streamed by the creator of the bouquets - Sydney-based company, Dessert Boxes

In the video, Paige tells her three bridesmaids that she had a surprise - they'd be carrying doughnut bouquets, rather than flowers. "Can we eat them?!" one bridesmaid is quick to ask. 

SBS spoke to the owner of Dessert Boxes, Samantha Khater, about how the moment came about.

She explains that the company decided to hold a lighthearted competition on social media, to see if they could find a wedding that would want doughnut bouquets: "It got thousands of comments, and about 300 applicants. We went through everybody from Sydney, called a few, and we finally spoke to Paige and immediately knew that she was 100 per cent our girl. She was so much fun - she wanted it keep it a secret from her bridesmaids! She had them holding flowers, then at the last minute gave them these doughnut bouquets."

Khater said that the response at the wedding was one of joy and laughter, saying, "People found it so funny. If you see the photos, there’s a guy cracking up laughing in the background. Her groom was even wearing doughnut cufflinks, everyone found it funny and lighthearted. It was very much what Paige was about, it was great."

While the Sydney-based company is currently unsure whether they'll add the bridal doughnut bouquet service to their standard range of creative dough-based gift boxes, Khater says they're considering it, because the response to Paige's story has been enormous.

"Every single media outlet has contacted us, people are calling us from London – it even made TIME magazine," the owner told SBS. "We streamed the moment live on our Facebook, and it’s now hit 30,000 comments and reached 2 million people organically. [...] We’ve had a lot of interest from brides asking us to make [the wedding bouquets] a part of our normal range. We’ll consider it!"

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