When it comes to this cut of beef, low and slow wins the flavour race.
27 Sep 2017 - 2:57 PM  UPDATED 29 Sep 2017 - 2:19 PM

Barbecue brisket with shiitake glaze and stir-fried mushrooms

America’s south meets Asia in this sweet and salty brisket recipe, spiked with lemongrass, soy and chilli for a new take on the Texas favourite.


Biscuits with pulled brisket and milk gravy

The scone-like ‘biscuit’ is a staple side in southern cooking, used to mop up all those flavourful barbecue juices. This traditional recipe includes a rich creamy milk gravy but you could just as easily swap out for your favourite barbecue or hot sauce.

Brisket and carrot tzimmes

This Jewish take on the brisket is braised rather than barbecued, with stock, sweet wine, balsamic vinegar and tomato sauce. It’s a sweeter take on its Texan counterpart, finished with baked cinnamon carrots (carrot tzimmes).

Slow-roasted beef brisket

Low and slow is the name of the game in Matthew Evans’ beef brisket. You only need four ingredients to nail this fall-apart hit: brisket, Dijon, Worcestershire sauce and seasoning. 

Texas beef brisket

Staying true to Texan brisket law – that is, minimal intervention so as to let the meat flavours shine – this brisket is brined and then rubbed with seasoning and brown sugar. You know your brisket is ready when a really good bark (barbecue talk for ‘crust’) forms.

Delightfully succulent, beef brisket will blow your mind!

Pony’s barbecued beef brisket

You’ll find snaking queues at Sydney’s Pony Dining on market days. The secret is in the spice rub, a careful mix of garlic and onion powders, paprika and black pepper. Team with this a bespoke barbecue sauce and all signs are pointing to flavour-central. 

American-style barbecue sauce and brisket

Being hidden around a lot of fat and bone, brisket needs to be cooked long and slow to reach its flavour potential. This recipe calls on a smoker but you could use a charcoal barbecue or even cook it in the oven and you’ll still get the same tender, flavour-jammed result. 

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