• Australia's first avocado pop-up eatery is looking for Sydney's biggest avocado fan to be official taster. (iStockphoto/Getty Images)Source: iStockphoto/Getty Images
The job description for the 'Head of Avo Control' specifies that applicants must have 'a minimum two years experience in smashing avocados on toast or similar'.
Alyssa Braithwaite

23 Oct 2017 - 12:22 PM  UPDATED 23 Oct 2017 - 2:25 PM

Avocado-lovers, your dream job is here.

Australia's first avocado pop-up cafe is due to open in Sydney next month, and it needs a Head of Avo Control to taste test all 20 avocado creations on the menu before it opens its doors to the public.

Good Fat (yep, that's the pop-up's name) is the creation of Australian Avocados, and will run from November 2-30 in Surry Hills, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Among the creations they'll be serving are an avocado smoothie served in its own skin, and an avocornetto ice-cream.

Chef Liam Crawley says the concept has been partially inspired by pop-up avocado cafes in Brooklyn and Amsterdam, and he believes it will be a big hit with Australian diners.

"We've got an avocado cornetto... we got creative with avocado ice-cream. It is sweet, but the avocado cuts through that sweetness as well, so you just get a really nice smooth flavour and it's really delicious," Crawley tells SBS.

"So I expect we should sell quite a lot of them, especially with the weather being warm, it should be a hit."

The avocado smoothie is a twist on the acai smoothie bowl, topped with blueberries, banana, mango, sliced avocado, granola and hemp seeds.

There's also some more dinner-style dishes on the menu, meaning that if you so desired you could eat a three-course avocado meal.

But there's one thing you won't find on the menu at Good Fat.

"I'm not going down the same old path of doing your smashed avocado on toast - the kids can do it at home," he says with a laugh.

"Everyone I know is just doing it at home for breakfast. If you go out you want an experience." 

According to the Head of Avo Control job description, the successful candidate will also be an avocado advocate, sharing the avocado love on social media. 

Instead of a salary, they will eat for free at Good Fat for the entire month the pop-up is open. 

Good Fat will be located at 355 Crown Street, Surry Hills and will open 7am-9pm Monday to Saturday, and 8am - 5pm Sundays.

The pop-up is an initiative of Australia's avocado growers to encourage Australians to eat even more of the fruit than they already do.

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