What a trio! Matthew Evans, Nick Haddow and Ross O'Meara embark on an epic sailing adventure to circumnavigate Tasmania in a wooden yacht, following in the wake of the first Europeans to chart this fascinating island.
13 Nov 2017 - 3:16 PM  UPDATED 26 Feb 2021 - 12:15 PM

Episode 1 | Bon voyage

Airs 6pm Monday 13 November on SBS. 

Matthew, Ross and Nick say goodbye to their farm and families and embark on an epic circumnavigation of Tasmania, charting the food and history of the Apple Isle. Armed with Australia’s first cookbook, the guys head north to explore Tasmania’s convict history.


Chargrilled octopus with Asian slaw

Paprika octopus

Pickled octopus


Episode 2 | Ready, willing and Abel

Aired 6pm Tuesday 14 November on SBS. 

Matthew, Nick and Ross discover the culinary delights of the Tasman peninsula, before going ashore to the spot where Abel Tasman planted the Prince of Orange’s flag and claimed Van Dieman’s Land for Holland.


Five-spice quail

Pot-roasted quail with whisky-wilted cabbage

Beef hutspot

Episode 3 | Shellfish pleasures

Aired 6pm Wednesday 15 November on SBS. 

While sailing up to Great Oyster Bay, Matthew, Nick and Ross enjoy the ancient foods of Tasmania - food abalone, mussels and oysters!


Braised lamb with fennel and tomato

Skipjack tuna with Japanese marinade

Sea urchin chawan mushi


Episode 4 | Thar shew blows

Aired 6pm Thursday 16 November on SBS. 

Spirits are high on board Solquest as Matthew, Ross and Nick sail toward Maria Island, following in the wake of Baudin’s French expedition in the early 1800s. If France had been a little quicker in their exploration of Tasmania, we might all be speaking French and eating baguettes for breakfast. In honour of Baudin and Freycinet, the boys enjoy meals of oysters, abalone and a bouillabaisse on the shore of Wineglass Bay.


Stir-fried baby clams with saltbush and samphire

Mussels with saffron

Episode 5 | Tin Men

Aired 6pm Friday 17 November on SBS. 

Matthew, Nick and Ross follow the route taken by Englishman Tobias Furneaux as he charted the east coast of Tasmania in 1793, having embarrassingly lost sight of his commanding officer James Cook. Sailing skills are put to the test as Solquest attempts a treacherous bar crossing at St Helens – the same route taken by thousands of Chinese as they flocked here in the 1800s in search of grey gold. 



Chinese cucumber and sesame salad

Double happiness pork

Chinese stir-fried potato with mountain pepper

Periwinkles with white wine and bay leaves


Episode 6 | On the strait and marrow

Aired 6pm Monday 20 November on SBS. 

Matthew, Ross and Nick sail to the remote Furneaux Islands where they cook up a variety of fowl, before meeting the traditional owners on the beautiful Cape Barren Island.


Pickled octopus salad


Episode 7 | Breaking the trout drought

Aired 6pm Tuesday 21 November on SBS. 

They boys arrive at the Tamar River, where they finally manage to catch some trout, before heading across the northern coast of Tasmania where the discover a farm with 27 varieties of potatoes!



Whisky-cured smoked trout

Potato tortilla with roasted wild mushrooms

Salad of beetroot-cured trout, grapefruit, goat’s curd and salmon roe

Episode 8 | Island time

Airs 6pm Wednesday 22 November on SBS. 

After 8000 years of isolation, Tasmania was once again joined to mainland Australia when a telephone cable was installed across Bass Strait. Matthew, Ross and Nick travel westward across the north coast, heading for the port of Stanley. Here, they want to re-create the historic menu from the 1936 inauguration of the cable, at a dinner for 50 people.


Episode 9 | The gates of hell

Aired 6pm Thursday 23 November on SBS. 

The trip is about to get serious as Matthew, Ross and Nick attempt to sail down the dangerous and isolated south-western coast of Tasmania. As they pass through Hells Gate into the Southern Ocean, they have prepared themselves by stocking up on salt pork and hard tack – good insurance if they don’t catch any fish. 


Abalone fried rice 

Chinese braised oxtail with mushrooms and tofu skin

Beef tongue with salsa verde

Beer battered abalone fritters

Crumbed abalone with Meyer lemon mayo

Salt beef


Episode 10 | Earning their stripes

Aired 6pm Friday 24 November on SBS. 

Matthew, Nick and Ross arrive in one of the most remote and untouched regions of the world. Here, they meet a local fishermen who takes them fishing for the rare Stripey Trumpeter, and even parts with a few local crayfish.


Barbecued crayfish with makrut butter 

Grilled stripey trumpeter wings

Stripey trumpeter hot and spicy soup

Skipjack tuna sashimi with salted onions and ponzu sauce

The boys hit the summit.

Episode 11 | French garden

Aired 6pm Monday 27 November on SBS. 

Matthew, Nick and Ross discover a 200 year old French garden in the wilds of Tasmania, where they cook up a French-inspired meal on the shores of Recherche Bay



Sauce vierge

Episode 12 | Abandon ship

Aired 6pm Tuesday 28 November on SBS. 

After months at sea, the journey is nearly at an end for Matthew, Ross and Nick as they round Australia’s most southerly point. At Recherche Bay they discover the remains of a 200-year-old French garden created to supply future expeditions with fresh fruit and vegetables. A final swing around Bruny Island brings them to Hobart, where they boys swap their life jackets for aprons in preparation for a formal dinner with His Excellency, The Governor of Tasmania.


Roast lamb shoulder with rosemary and anchovy

Saffron custard with caramelised apples

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