How many of these iconic snacks would you like to make a comeback?
Farah Celjo

29 Nov 2017 - 11:15 AM  UPDATED 29 Jul 2019 - 10:49 AM

Childhood memories across the country are reeling in nostalgia, dreaming of a time when you could go down to the local corner store and grab yourself one or more of these snacks. We pay tribute to the favourites that are no longer with us. 

1. Sunnyboys

Remember those triangular icy treats? They were the epitome of childhood summers, so we can see why it's tough talking about 'em during the warmer months. While freezers took a heavy blow when they were discontinued, lucky we had Zooper Doopers to fall back on and console us during our summertime in need.

2. Pollywaffles

After 62 years of wafer magic, Hoadley's discontinued their marshmallow-filled chocolate log roll in 2009. Thanks to social media, in particular, Facebook, which intervened with a "Bring back the Pollywaffle" dedicated page (and it worked!) their cult status caught the attention of Melbourne company, Chocolate Works.  

Now with over 50K fans, Pollywafflers can take some comfort in the two companies that have brought back their own version of the classic.


It's coming back!
Cue chocolate binge: The Polly Waffle is coming back
The 10-year fight is over – a family-owned South Australian company is saving the much-loved chocolate.

3. Bertie Beetles

Ah, Bertie Beetles - those small chocolates filled with even smaller honeycomb pieces. These chocolate stars have been relegated to show bags only after Nestle made an agreement to sell them exclusively at exhibition events only - why? What? How? Why? 

4. Dunkaroos

It was the biscuit that had you dunking straight into a choc-hazelnut spread. Dunakroos were the perfect school-time snack - all those sweet biccies in one neat package with a gooey Nutella-like spread on the side...

5. Burgerman

They were the men that were meant to taste like burgers - remember how good that seasoning was? And how it stained your fingertips and salted your lips? Bliss.

6. Scorched Peanut Bars

Peanuts and chocolate have always been a match made in dessert heaven and gosh, these chocolate, toffee and peanut bars were SO good. Its advertising was also interesting... to say the least.

7. Space Food Sticks

Apparently designed for astronauts and packed with "nutritional" goodness, this chewy chocolate or caramel bar filled lunchboxes in the 70s and 80s - and for the record, it was caramel over chocolate, right? 

8. Tasty Toobs

A bag of Original Tasty Toobs would go a long way back in the day. The cheesy rings were such a hit that when they were removed from shelves, even Australian cricketer Shane Warne rallied to bring them back. #Obsessed

9. Toucan ice-cream

Two sticks, one icy rainbow treat. They were supposed to be split in half, but we know that most of you avoided that fact and went all-in and we are totally on-board with that. 


10. The original Milo Bar

Basically, Milo compacted into bar-form and covered in chocolate (so, all the good things). Since it was discontinued in 2003, it was replaced by an Energy version and this is another one of those instances where the sequel doesn't live up to the goodness of the original.


11. Violet Crumble BAGS

Not the bar, the bitesize miniature versions that filled bags, hearts and mouths far and wide. Bring 'em baaaaaaaaack... please!

Now it's your turn - tell us: what are some of your old-school favourites that no longer grace your shopping trips?

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