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Exactly what it sounds like: a croissant filled with sushi. Look away.
Lucy Rennick

12 Jan 2018 - 12:23 PM  UPDATED 14 Feb 2019 - 10:53 PM

In a move that may leave our French friends feeling a touch of unease, a brand new food hybrid of Japanese and French cuisines has just hit the pastry market in San Francisco. Enter the crossushi – a buttery, flaky croissant filled with none other than salmon, seaweed, ginger and a hint of wasabi. It even comes with a side of soy sauce. Who’s up for trying one of these for breakfast? 

It looks innocent enough.


But then you take a bite.


The newest frankenfood comes courtesy of Mr Holmes Bakehouse, a popular bakery in San Francisco, California. They’re calling it a California (“Cali”) Croissant, and it can be yours for the small price of $5.40 US.

Perplexed croissant and sushi fans (separately, not together) across the world have taken to Twitter to express their…er…surprise at Croissushi being named one of the big food trends of 2018. 

But others are intrigued, because no matter how whacky ‘fusion food’ gets, there’ll always be someone up for it. 

This isn’t the first time the bakers at Mr Holmes have ruffled a few feathers on the backs of traditionalists with their kooky baked goods. They’re famous for popularising the Cruffin (which was actually invented by Kate Reid of Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne!), matcha croissants, an Irish cream-filled, twice-baked croissant, and even a Croloaf – a croissant sized loaf of bread.


It’s been reported that the bakers at Mr Holmes “get bored easily”, which we suppose is as good a reason as any to send shockwaves around the internet with a croissant-sushi mash up.   

Unfortunately for those interested, the Cali Croissant is only available at Mr Holmes locations in San Francisco and Seoul, South Korea. That being said, good trends usually move quickly; if it takes off, we can expect to see it on Australian shores sooner rather than later. 

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